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Numbers speak for themselves: According to a recent survey, 89 percent of all HR professionals believe that the administrative workload is too high. This is often due to the lack of digitalization of processes, resulting in continued use of paper documents and the inability to utilize electronic signatures. As a result, administrative overhead remains high in many HR departments. This can change with valantic workdocs HR! The cloud-based personnel record valantic workdocs HR serves as a personal assistant in every HR department, helping to reduce administrative workload and focus on the essential tasks: the employees.


Advantages of the Cloud in HR

In today’s digital world, the use of Cloud and SaaS solutions has become indispensable for businesses. These innovative technologies also offer numerous benefits in HR operations, optimizing workflows, and saving valuable time.

  1. Fast & easy implementation

    The use of the Cloud and SaaS in HR operations allows for seamless integration and faster implementation compared to traditional on-premise systems. There is no need for extensive installations or worries about hardware and software updates. Instead, you can start using the solution immediately and benefit from its diverse features.

  2. Reduced workload due to work in Cloud

    Cloud and SaaS solutions provide advanced tools and features that simplify HR operations. For example, automated processes can be used for managing employee data, vacation requests, and performance evaluations. This reduces manual tasks, minimizes sources of errors, and increases the efficiency of every HR department.

  3. Low technical requirements

    Using cloud-based and SaaS solutions does not require extensive technical infrastructure. Only a stable internet connection and a device are needed to access the solution. This eliminates high investment costs for servers and other IT resources.

  4. Simplified access

    Cloud and SaaS solutions enable access to HR data and processes from anywhere, at any time. This means they can be accessed from different devices, whether in the office, at home, or on the go. This flexibility provides employees with easy access to relevant information.

Highlights of valantic workdocs HR

How digital signatures facilitate HR in the Cloud

The use of digital signatures allows for online signing of documents without the need for a personal meeting or exchanging paper documents. It saves time, money, and resources. The benefits are numerous:

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Overview & Management

Easy Usability

Flexibility & Accessibility

Fast Workflows

Increased Efficiency

Synchronization with SAP SuccessFactors

Questions about the digital personnel record - valantic workdocs HR

1. How much does valantic workdocs HR cost?

valantic workdocs HR provides various pricing packages depending on the number of users in your company and the features you want to implement. All pricing packages include Employee Central and Digital Admin. Click here to get your individual pricing plan.

2. Which applications can valantic workdocs HR be integrated with?

valantic workdocs HR now provides integration with SAP Success Factors (SF) and will support additional technology partners starting in the fourth quarter of 2023. This allows you to seamlessly integrate valantic workdocs HR into your workflow. Available integrations include all HXM solutions, leading applicant tracking systems (ATS), team collaboration tools, cloud-based identity and access management services, API developer tools, workflow tools, e-signature platforms, and much more. These integrations enable you to incorporate valantic workdocs HR optimally into your existing technology ecosystem and benefit from advanced functionalities.

3. What is the Cloud Personnel Record valantic workdocs HR?

With valantic workdocs HR cloud-based DMS, you not only get a simple way to store and manage your personnel records and documents, but also a solution for all approval and signature processes. It includes all relevant documents and information about an employee. Thanks to digitization, access to and management of this information is simplified and accelerated. Our platform optimizes your workflows, saves time, and increases efficiency.

4. What are the advantages of the cloud-based personnel record?

The cloud-based personnel record provides numerous advantages over traditional paper-based record storage. These include improved efficiency and productivity as documents can be quickly found and edited. It also allows for secure and flexible access to employee information from anywhere and at any time. The digital personnel record also supports compliance with data protection regulations and facilitates collaboration in personnel management.

5. How secure is a cloud-based personnel record?

The protection of personal data is of utmost importance. A reputable solution for the digital personnel record implements comprehensive security measures to control access to the records and prevent unauthorized access. This includes encryption technologies, access controls, and logging of all activities.

6. What legal aspects need to be considered?

When introducing a digital cloud-based personnel record, certain legal provisions must be complied with, particularly regarding data protection. It is important to consider the data protection requirements of the respective region or country and obtain the consent of employees for the electronic storage of their data.

7. How is the transition from paper to digital done?

The transition from paper records to a digital personnel record requires careful planning and execution. Processes for scanning and indexing the existing documents need to be established. Additionally, a suitable software solution is required to enable efficient management and search of the digital records. Training and clear communication with employees are also crucial for a smooth transition. Our experts in the IT field provide various packages for our scan service. Feel free to inquire without obligation.


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