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Time to update to Shopware 6!

On to the next level in e-commerce!

Those currently working with Shopware 5 may be missing out on new revenue potential. The solution: an update to Shopware 6. How can you make sure the migration to the new version is a smooth one and doesn’t cause complications? By working with the number one Shopware partner in Europe – valantic. We will tell you more about the promising possibilities of Shopware 6 and support you as you make the switch. Find out how to supercharge the success of your online business!

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Keep up with the rapid pace of digitalization now! Why does it make sense to update from Shopware 5 to 6?

Shopware 5 will be officially supported until 2024. However, there are hardly any new functions at the moment. Instead, the developers are focusing all their energy on advancing the new solution: Shopware 6. A migration from Shopware 5 to Shopware 6 is thus the logical consequence for all those who want to keep up with the rapid pace of innovations in e-commerce.
A migration makes your company future-proof and helps you stay on the safe side – both in regard to the technology as well as legal considerations. However, an automatic update is not possible in this case due to the use of new technologies. The migration must be carried out manually – preferably by an established Shopware partner such as valantic.

What is Shopware 6, and what advantages does it bring?

Optimized functions. More flexibility. Less complexity.

Shopware 6 has already been on the market for more than two years. The current version is a technically mature, scalable and powerful solution for business models in the B2C and B2B sectors. The ecosystem of plugins and interfaces has grown considerably compared to Shopware 5.

Many online stores have already switched to the latest version. According to the provider, working with Shopware has become easier and even more flexible – and both we and our customers agree! But how exactly does Shopware 6 differ from its predecessor, Shopware 5? We’ve summarized the most important differences for you.

Advantages of Shopware 6 at a glance

  • easier integration with other systems thanks to an API-first approach
  • frontend (storefront) and backend (content management) detached from each other
  • improved performance (e.g., faster load times) due to new technologies
  • shopping worlds become more configurable and customizable
  • possibility to create new company sales channels (e.g., language stores with their own storefront instead of sub-stores)
  • If you have Shopware 5.7 and upwards, there’s no need to switch to a new PHP framework.
  • lower maintenance requirements due to modern and future-proof infrastructure
  • up to date in terms of data protection
  • improved customer experience when shopping in the online store

These and other changes mean, on the one hand, the simplified use of the software solution. On the other hand, they bring with them an increased focus on the needs of online store users. Just like valantic, Shopware is focusing on a holistic customer experience.

Why is valantic the ideal partner for an upgrade to Shopware 6?

Europe’s number one Shopware partner

valantic has been the Shopware Partner of the Year since 2019 and has the highest number of certified Shopware 6 developers worldwide. As Europe’s number one Shopware partner, we would be happy to support you in the migration from Shopware 5 to 6. We have the know-how for a plannable implementation without unpleasant surprises:

  • cooperation with Shopware since 2012
  • more than 100 Shopware 6 certifications
  • more than 200 Shopware projects managed

As a Shopware Enterprise Partner, we offer the full spectrum of support services: from consulting and implementation to necessary custom developments and subsequent support.

How to ensure a smooth and secure migration

Migration to the new version involves some effort and requires specific know-how. With valantic as your partner, a dedicated and experienced migration team will accompany you step by step. In a structured and successful process, our experts migrate your e-commerce system to the latest Shopware version. As consultants, they share their comprehensive best-practice knowledge with you.

First, we examine the status quo and explain the new possibilities with Shopware 6. Of course, new functions can also be implemented, and existing pain points can be resolved in the course of the migration. At valantic, the preparatory process consists of three steps.

Shopware 6: migration analysis in 3 steps – with valantic

  • Hands-on kick-off workshop incl. status quo analysis
  • Migration analysis incl. concrete recommendations for action
  • Discussion of results incl. timeline

The costs for this are manageable at EUR 3,995 net and are credited 100 percent towards the implementation of the migration. The implementation phase must be commissioned separately. It takes place under professional go-live supervision and guarantees the functioning of the online store.

Summary of the migration from Shopware 5 to 6

Update now with valantic!
The problem: Our many years of experience have shown that a lot of companies are not aware of the possibilities of new e-commerce solutions such as Shopware 6. That’s no surprise, as it’s often difficult to keep track of relevant developments in ongoing day-to-day business.

The consequences: Innovations are implemented too late or not at all. The digital transformation comes to a standstill, and the company loses its competitive edge by missing out on important potential for sales and success.

Our solution: The experts at valantic will tell you everything you need to know about the update from Shopware 5 to 6 and ensure the smooth implementation of the migration. You can rely on Europe’s number one Shopware partner!

Shopware 6 update

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