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Bloomreach introduces Exponea, a leading Customer Data Platform (CDP) within their CDXP block. With an experiential dimension, Exponea aims to create marketing magic through DSGVO-certified customer data. The core idea is to empower marketers to be more relevant and agile in today’s fast-paced world.

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Bloomreach engagement CDXP

Marketing magic promised. marketing magic: delivered!

No matter which of us you ask about customer engagement tech and specifically Bloomreach, the data power combined with the intuitive handling, make the technology a truly magical experience. There won’t be anything missing, nor will it require any effort to use Bloomreach CDXP to its fullest potential.

Bloomreach engagement CDXP with its subelements - valantic CX

The CDXP is a CDP at its core but augmented with artificial intelligence, marketing automation tools, and built-in conversion rate optimization.

CDXP magic

As if by magic, high-value customer segments can be identified, the impact of marketing campaigns can be evaluated, and customer experiences can be created that are not only personalized but also reflect real-time customer behavior.

The scenario builder is a prime example of this. Journeys can be set up and personalized via drag-and-drop and then tested at the click of a button.

And if that wasn’t enough – a highlight on top: While Bloomreach helps make data silos a thing of the past, the ecosystem provides a true full-service anchor. Even consent can be mapped through Bloomreach. And extending your campaign into native channels beyond the CDP avoids tedious switching between multiple applications.


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