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From a solid test strategy to test management tools

Consulting in the area of testing

Is your new e-commerce store going live, or is your existing store being expanded to include the latest features? In either case, the next question usually follows immediately: How and what should you test to ensure the highest possible quality of results? If you do not (yet) have an answer to this question, we will be happy to help you find it. Perfectly tailored to your project.

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The concentrated consulting know-how of valantic

What strategic preliminary considerations are necessary for efficient software testing? Which test management tool is the right one for your specific use case? With which test strategy have other companies in your industry been successful? Let us get to the bottom of all these questions together!

With our many years of experience in the field of testing, we will be happy to support you …

  • in defining a suitable test strategy,
  • in the selection of the optimal test management tool as well as
  • through active exchange, where we present selected best-practice solutions to you.

Step by step to effective testing

Unit testing, integration testing, automated or manual E2E testing, or exploratory testing … It’s not that easy to decide on one of the many options. And it is even more difficult to make the best choice. This is exactly why we are at your side. We have been consulting with clients for many years – with great success – and thus know the advantages of the respective test options inside out.

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Quality Assurance? Absolutely!

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