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Adobe Commerce B2B

Adobe Commerce transforms conventional online shops into comprehensive, flexible B2B e-commerce platforms. The system adapts to specific B2B requirements, provides numerous features, emphasizes digital order process management, and highlights customer experience in B2B commerce.

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Shaping business between businesses B2B ≠ B2C

Are you looking to market your B2B products or services? With Adobe Commerce, you no longer have to settle for boring and impersonal online stores. Gone are the days when online stores were just storefronts for a product catalog. With Adobe Commerce, you get a full-featured e-commerce platform that is customized to meet the unique needs of your customers.

Even though the lines between B2B and B2C are increasingly becoming blurred, B2B commerce still follows different rules than B2C. No wonder, after all, digital commerce between business customers is usually far more complex.

And yet, it’s important to never forget the importance of personal relationships in B2B commerce. These and many more factors need to be considered when implementing an e-commerce platform for the B2B sector.

Doing business with business customers

Fax or phone orders are a thing of the past for most companies. Nowadays, many businesses are adopting digital service platforms for their B2B customers. However, despite companies recognizing the potential of digitalization for their business, many are still not fully exploiting it. We are convinced that there is still much more that can be done!

With Adobe Commerce, you gain access to a software solution that is not only scalable and flexible but also quickly adapts to meet new market requirements and grows alongside your business. Whether you’re looking to invest in new business areas or expand your internationalization strategy, Adobe Commerce can provide the necessary support.

Say goodbye to off-the-shelf solutions and move towards a customized B2B e-commerce platform! No matter how complex your product portfolio may be, Adobe Commerce is the ideal solution that can provide you with a feature-rich and customizable e-commerce platform to launch your online store in no time at all. At valantic CX, we are happy to take on this challenge and tailor your all-in-one commerce solution to your specific business requirements. We also pay special attention to ensuring that data exchange between the commerce platform, manufacturers, and partners runs smoothly.

Get your administrative work done quickly and efficiently Digital management with Adobe Commerce

A B2B e-commerce platform should offer more than just an online store for customers to order products. To ensure long-term and sustainable growth, integrating B2B commerce into the overall digital strategy is crucial. Companies must consider how to digitalize manual workflows to provide a seamless and optimal buying experience for customers.

Adobe Commerce enables customers to manage orders digitally from the beginning, making it an excellent solution for companies looking to embrace digital transformation.

Your customers can access real-time inventory and delivery information, easily search for products with an intelligent and optimized search function, and place orders with just a few clicks. But that’s not all: With Adobe Commerce’s B2B-specific features, your customers can also upload forms for even faster ordering, create multiple order lists, request special offers for specific products directly on the e-commerce platform, and more.

Business customers also want a customized shopping experience

While personalization and customer experience have been integral to B2C commerce, it has received little attention in the B2B sector. However, B2B customers are also B2C shoppers in their personal lives and are increasingly seeking a personalized approach and tailored solutions for their business needs. This begins with customized offers for individual customers and extends to choosing the appropriate payment provider.

Adobe Commerce doesn’t discriminate between B2C and B2B customers when it comes to providing personalized shopping experiences. By intelligently linking customer data, product catalogs can be tailored to specific customers, displaying only the relevant products. Furthermore, price lists and promotions can be defined for individual customer groups. The customized experience is additionally enhanced with a simplified search function and a broad range of filter options.

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Numerous ways to develop your business idea

B2B capabilities in Adobe Commerce

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