valantic add-ons for SAP EWM

Add-ons for SAP Extended Warehouse Management (EWM)

valantic add-ons for SAP EWM expand the standard to include sensible, practically proven functionalities that can close functional gaps.

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Add-ons are used everywhere where the standard is too complicated or time-consuming or where relevant functions are simply not available. valantic add-ons for SAP EWM expand the standard to include sensible, practically proven functionalities that can close functional gaps.
Our solutions include expansions and enhancements for incoming goods, outgoing goods, internal warehouse processes, production integration, and cross-process functions.

Automatic re-prioritization of warehouse orders in resource management

  • Systematic prioritization of warehouse orders depending on processing progress of delivery orders and/or delivery order items
  • Possibility for defining re-prioritizations based on events
  • Flexible, time-controlled prioritization of replenishment, warehouse picking orders, production supply, etc.
  • No more manual replanning of resources in the warehouse management monitor
  • Completely integrated into SAP EWM resource management
valantic graphic about automatic re-prioritization of warehouse orders in resource management, SAP EWM Add ons

Path-optimized putaway and removal of several handling units at once

  • Recording of several handling units in a resource for optimized storage and removal processes
  • System-created proposals for pair formation
  • Putaway of 2 HUs or simultaneous loading of 4 handling units in outgoing goods
    for fork lifts with long forks
  • Consideration of product and batch purity of handling units
  • Adapted RF screens
  • Completely integrated into resource management and into the process and layout-oriented warehouse control
  • Maximum efficiency in manual warehouses
valantic graphic about path-optimized putaway and removal, SAP EWM Add ons

Quick entry of unplanned returns in RF

  • Entry via former HU label or delivery note number directly on the scanner
  • Automatic creation of return order for ERP document
  • No manual document creation required in advance
  • Mass receipt of identical packaging units
  • Automatic HU formation with specification of packaging and HU type (quick packaging)
  • Selection of EWM inventory type for receipt (returned blocked stock, F2 “unrestricted use”, etc.)
  • Automatic creation of follow-up warehouse tasks for storage
valantic graphic about quick entry of unplanned returns, SAP EWM Add ons

Quick packaging in RF

  • Quick-pack function completely integrated into RF
  • Creation of HUs, selection of packaging material
  • Easy repackaging from HU to HU
  • Creation of nested HUs (e.g. four displays on a europallet)
  • Automatic printing of labels and lists of contents
valantic graphics about quick packaging, SAP EWM Add ons

Identification of missing parts in the extended warehouse management monitor

  • Automatic detection of product receipts in incoming goods
  • Cyclical creation of new waves and wave items
  • No manual creation of documents required
  • Consideration of incoming goods from own and third-party procurement

External warehouse template “Warehouse-2-Go”

  • Quick plugging in of external warehouses used temporarily with own warehouse number in SAP EWM
  • Formation of shuttle traffic incl. loading and unloading zones via standard warehouse structure elements and layout-oriented storage control
  • Complete usage of all resource management functions
valantic graphic about the external warehouse template "Warehouse-2-Go", SAP EWM Add ons

Height adjustment of pallets for customer-specific target pallet heights

  • System-guided repackaging of HUs to target pallet heights at customer request (business partner)
  • Flexible maintenance of pallet heights on the business partner level
  • Completely integrated into picking and removal processes
  • Completely integrated into picking and removal processes
  • Intelligent replenishment processes based on order-oriented replenishment
valantic graphic about height adjustment of pallets, SAP EWM Add ons

Kit formation in RF based on production order

  • Execute complete kit formation (mixed pallets, displays, etc.) quickly and efficiently in RF
  • No more stationary packaging stations required
  • All critical information (inventories, target quantities, reporting, etc.) can be called up in RF at any time
  • Warehouse removal posting with HU formation directly in RF
  • Direct use of production orders and process orders (PP, PP-PI)
  • Automatic creation of follow-up warehouse tasks for storage
  • Direct consumption of the component batches used in RF
valantic graphic about Kit formation, SAP EWM Add ons

Cancel picking in RF

  • Cancellation function in RF for warehouse picking and provision tasks
  • Removal of HU assignments in existing deliveries
  • Automatic creation of return warehouse postings
valantic graphic about cancel picking, SAP EWM Add ons

Overview of load planning in RF

  • Display of assignment route to gate in RF
  • All important information directly in RF
valantic graphic about overview of load planning, SAP EWM Add ons

Loading aid management

  • Complete loading aid management for all warehouse areas
  • Management of loading aids and accounts
  • Recording, change, and cancellation of loading aid bookings
  • Bookings with direct reference to the transport process
  • Special bookings (write-off, scrap, sale, acceptance, transfer, etc.)
  • Extensive list displays (booking journal, balance overview, etc.)
  • Closing of accounts

Expanded QM-EWM integration

  • Automatic blocking and unblocking of complete batch inventories in SAP EWM
  • QM-triggered blocking with reference to Q messages
  • Automatic reporting to SAP QM (HU, deliveries, shipping HU, etc.)
  • Automatic inventory blocking in SAP EWM with reference to particular source HU from own production
  • Determination of EWM inventories into which the batches to be blocked have flowed (e.g. display construction)
  • Seamless batch traceability guaranteed
valantic graphic about expanded QM-EWM integration, SAP EWM Add ons

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