Why valantic is your ideal partner

Nearshore Development

valantic has its own nearshore teams with highly qualified and certified developers. In collaboration with our onshore colleagues, we create the best state-of-the-art digital platforms with maximum efficiency for our clients. But what does nearshoring actually mean, and what advantages can it bring? We show you why valantic is the ideal partner for nearshore development.

Four colleagues testing an online store system via a smartphone and laptop.

Development teams abroad

A real option in IT

Development teams abroad: What was considered an “extended workbench” years ago is now standard in IT. Especially the high qualification of the specialists in the eastern part of Europe makes “nearshore” development interesting. Also relevant: the specialized universities, excellent infrastructure, stable political systems, and good transport connections.

We are convinced: In times of a shortage of skilled workers, nearshoring is one of the few possibilities to attract top talent.

Foto von einem valantic-CX-Meeting mit fünf Personen.

"Nearshore" development with valantic

An excellent idea

valantic has highly qualified and strong teams of developers at various locations in Europe and around the world. You can find our development centers in Romania, Lithuania, and Ukraine. All development centers belong to the valantic group. And all employees are true valantics, who are eager to develop the best solutions for our customers – beyond any national borders.

Consulting, planning and execution of our projects always take place close to the client company, from the respective valantic location. To do so, we rely on a mix of onshore and nearshore. The maximally efficient result: advanced digital platforms that impress.

Foto von einer valantic CX-Mitarbeiterin, die an ihrem Arbeitsplatz mit einer Kundin telefoniert.

Close to the client company

Close to the labor market

The distribution of development centers across several locations ensures that we have good access to local labor markets. Internal academy processes support our talents in their development and bring new employees into the growing teams. Experienced colleagues give structure to nearshore teams and provide them with the best possible support on a day-to-day basis. We encourage and enable all developers to obtain certifications for the technologies used.

These continuous measures allow us to optimally handle projects of various sizes in terms of time, budget and quality – and to ensure the operation and further development of nearshore teams in the long term. We also efficiently implement complex and ambitious projects with tight schedules and high development requirements.

Creating capacities on site Nearshore development consulting

If desired, we can do much more for our clients: We support them with our expertise in building their own nearshore capacities. We coach, manage and ensure that the employees on site and abroad evolve together and form a strong team.

Our services in the area of nearshore development include

  • consulting
  • HR & administration
  • processes & tools
  • agile coaching
  • culture & communication
  • interim management
  • teambuilding
  • concept creation & testing

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