Create and send electronic tax balance sheets (E-Bilanz) directly in SAP

SAP add-on: eBilanz Cockpit

Would you like to create your electronic tax balance sheets directly from SAP and then send them right to the financial authorities? With valantic’s SAP add-on eBilanz Cockpit, you can create and send your electronic tax balance sheet according to §5b EstG right from your SAP system (ERP and S/4HANA) – easily and securely, without any media disruptions.

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Complete integration into SAP

Infographic: SAP add-on eBilanz Cockpit, valantic

valantic’s eBilanz Cockpit for SAP is an easy, lean SAP E-Bilanz solution for creating and editing electronic tax balance sheets in the required taxonomy directly in the SAP system. The cockpit is completely integrated into SAP; the user can access it via a single transaction and its structure is nearly self-explanatory.

A simple 10-step process leads you intuitively and easily through the creation, checking, and sending of each electronic balance sheet. The underlying data is taken over from SAP Finance; any adjustment is done encapsulated in the cockpit with individual document storage, and sending is controlled by the financial authorities’ ELSTER Rich Client (ERiC) directly from the cockpit without any media disruptions. An individual authorization concept enables control via access and a dual control principle.

10 steps to the E-Bilanz

With valantic’s SAP eBilanz Cockpit, you can perform all tasks relating to the creation of an electronic tax balance sheet directly in SAP in a single transaction. The source data recorded in SAP is transferred to the cockpit via a report and it is then processed further exclusively within the cockpit.

The process of creating the balance sheet is organized clearly in 10 steps, which can be run through one after another. A traffic-light system shows at first glance which steps have already been completed.

Infographic: 10 steps to the SAP add-on eBilanz Cockpit by valantic

After importing the taxonomy specified by the financial authorities, master data can be created, balance sheets from SAP Finance imported (import from non-SAP systems is also possible), and the mapping of SAP accounts to the taxonomy performed. Once this is done, further adjustments such as tax adjustment booking can be made in the cockpit; these are documented in individual document storage.

After checking of the data by the ELSTER Rich Client (ERiC), the XBRL file generated can be sent directly from the cockpit to the financial authorities’ ELSTER acceptance server. The send log is stored in the cockpit in SAP and archived permanently.

Thus, valantic’s SAP eBilanz Cockpit offers you a comprehensive, secure, and intuitive solution for creating your electronic tax balance sheets directly in SAP, checking them, and sending them without media disruptions.

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