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SAP add-on for master data: MDC Master Data Cockpit

Clean SAP master data at all times

In the course of digital transformation, high data quality is more important than ever. Increase the productivity of all company departments by automated SAP master data maintenance through the valantic MDC Master Data Cockpit. Only clean master data enables well-founded management decisions.

Control of master data maintenance processes in SAP with unparalleled quality

Thanks to the automated creation of master data for material, accounts receivable and payable, maintenance effort is reduced greatly. Input errors are a thing of the past. The creation of data for as many organizational units as desired in just one step increases data security and harmonization.

Based on a flexible workflow concept, all environment data and necessary process steps are incorporated. The add-on also supports the checking of data records for completeness and the release of master data records at the completion of a workflow. Naturally the employee in question is then informed automatically via e-mail from the workflow.

Since the flow is transparent, you always maintain an overview of all new steps. Another important aspect: The MDC is completely integrated into SAP and can be designed customer-specifically.

With our new MDC Process Cockpit, your company can simplify and structure its master data change processes in SAP (e.g. material discontinuation, field changes in the material master data or address changes) and control these securely via flexible workflows.

You can get both SAP add-ons for automated master data management directly from valantic. They are completely integrated in SAP and require no data migration.

Your benefits with the valantic MDC Master Data Cockpit

Master data that is clean at all times, with up to 40% less maintenance effort

Create master data record in one step for as many organizational units as desired

Reduce manual errors to a minimum

Easy automation of the steps thanks to flexible workflows

Adjust suggested values quickly and easily with copying

Maintain dependent master data in the workflow automatically

Easy and individual customizing

User-friendly handling

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