5 questions for… Tim Hahn, Managing Director of netz98

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netz98 has been part of valantic since the beginning of December 2019. In our series of articles entitled “5 questions for…”, we spoke to Managing Director Tim Hahn about what the merger means for netz98 and valantic from his point of view and to what ambitions this E-commerce specialist from Mainz will devote himself in the future.

Hello Tim! Welcome to valantic! netz98 merged with valantic at the beginning of December. What are you hoping for from this step?

Our goal is to create comprehensive, future-oriented solutions for digitalization. And we want to do this along our customers’ entire value-creation chain. In valantic, we have a partner who not only shares our vision of the digital service provider of the future, but also bundles all the skills and technologies required for this. The claim that we provide excellent, comprehensive support for our customers is just one of the values that links netz98 and valantic. The strong anchoring of trust, responsibility, and fairness on both sides was a critical decision-making criterion for us. In addition, the merger with valantic is a logical step for us given our immense growth in recent years.

What will change for your customers due to this merger?

Now we and our customers can take advantage of valantic’s technologies and expertise in order to confront their digital challenges and arm themselves for the future. And now valantic’s industry, technology, and process experts are there to help us. This way, we can advise companies still better strategically and help them find precisely the right solutions, regardless of whether the focus is on SAP/ERP consulting, business and predictive analytics, logistics or supply chain management.

Image of Tim Hahn, Executive Director at netz98, a valantic company
Tim Hahn, Managing Director at netz98

At valantic there is already a whole lot of experience in the areas of digital commerce, Web design, and customer experience (CX) management. What new expertise do you bring to the table?

As the largest German Magento partner, we fit very well into valantic’s product portfolio. Some other qualities that distinguish us are our long-standing experience in the digital environment, our specialized know-how, and proven agile methods for digitalization projects. Here, we rely on numerous best practices from our development from a classic Internet agency to a B2B enterprise commerce specialist.

Are there larger projects that you would like to implement at the moment? Or do you see trends on which you would really like to focus?

Our focus is on the expansion of our position in the Adobe sector. Our goal is, as the largest Magento partner in Germany, to also be number one when it comes to the Adobe Experience Cloud products. In addition, we would like – especially in the B2B sector – to further expand our consulting activities in order to be able to assist companies more extensively with their digital projects and help them reach their own degree of digital maturity. Furthermore, progressive web apps in connection with headless E-commerce are especially exciting fields of development for us. 

And for you personally: What will change?

We are pleased that we will be able to continue changing and developing together with valantic and that we can take the next steps toward becoming the digital service provider of the future. Ingo Janssen and I will, of course, remain Managing Directors, and in the future we will also attend to the further development of netz98. The merger with valantic will also provide us with better exchange with other experts, so that we won’t be the only ones who will find new inspiration and perspectives; we will also be able to enhance our company and our employees to the fullest extent.

Thank you very much for the conversation, Tim!

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