“Tsüri isch uh schööön!” (“Zurich is beautiful” in Swiss slang)

Diana Krüger

November 22, 2021

Blogpost Fabian Gersch, valantic Business Analytics Swiss

From Hamburg Marketing to Swiss Consulting

Learn why our employees stay true to valantic in this short interview with Fabian Gersch, Consultant at valantic Business Analytics Swiss!

How was your start at valantic?

My start at valantic came after I made the acquaintance of colleagues from valantic’s Hamburg team at the FH Wedel’s corporate contact fair in 2016. Soon, I was invited to interview in the offices of valantic Business Analytics (valantic BA). That’s how it happened that I started as a student, working on the Corporate Marketing Team, in September 2016. My first tasks were to maintain the valantic BA Training Center’s online presence and to build ad campaigns for the paid search engine area for selected training courses. Since I was studying e-commerce, I was able to learn in a very practical way from the very beginning, which allowed me to solidify the knowledge I had gained from lectures through realistic activities. In the Web-to-lead project, I was able to help design automated processes and contribute my knowledge of search engine marketing.

What do you especially like about valantic?

I value the valantic team the most. After only a little while, I had a very family-like “we feeling,” which was not even influenced by the COVID 19-related situation. As a Consultant, I greatly appreciate the company’s great flexibility (home office, in the office or with customers on-site) and the opportunities for further training. In addition, there are many ways to contribute and be innovative in projects. Ever since I have been at valantic, I have liked the fact that there have always been challenges and encouragement in equal measure. Moreover, I did not take it for granted that I could easily change my location or country and start seamlessly from where I left off in Hamburg. Nevertheless, I was sure that I could take this big step thanks to support from my colleagues and the cross-border interdisciplinary project work.

How did you proceed after your graduation in 2020?

By that time, I had been part of valantic BA for almost four years. I didn’t have to think hard to know how to proceed after my graduation. I knew I had found a safe haven here. A haven where there’s a lot going on, where people are working on current relevant issues every day with heart and soul. My tasks are certainly challenging, but you are challenged and encouraged in equal measure. That’s why I took a job as a consultant at valantic BA in Hamburg immediately after graduating in fall 2020. It was a while before I could be deployed to a customer. My first client project focused on migrating reporting and distribution from a Microsoft Excel-based solution to a consolidated solution using MicroStrategy Dossiers. The first project developments were very successful, so I was able to add new content to the MicroStrategy dossier solution in the following months.

In summer 2021, there was an opportunity for me to move from Hamburg to Zurich; this was accompanied by a change from valantic BA in Hamburg to valantic BA in Zurich.

Where do you see yourself in 3 years?

My loyalty and motivation are to valantic, that won’t change so quickly. From a technical point of view, I will be able to make a lot of progress, especially in the coming years. A rough course leading from BI Reporting to DWH back end incl. automation has already been set for me. My professional training will also help me develop my career as a BI consultant. Since I only recently moved to Switzerland, I cannot yet say where in the world I will be in three years. What I can say is that Zurich is a very livable city; I like it a lot in Switzerland, and I don’t have any immediate plans to move away.

„Tsüri isch uh schöön!“ 😉

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