valantic Among Germany’s Best MINT Employers

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Heise’s Technology Review magazine has partnered with the Hamburg-based management and market research establishment Institut für Management- und Marktforschung (IMWF) to choose the best MINT employers in Germany. But how can good working conditions, compensation, corporate culture, advancement opportunities and future security be measured and assessed in a single, overall evaluation?

The answers is: among others, with the help of “social listening”. In recent years, numerous tools have been developed under this concept to help businesses to ultimately investigate the one question: “What do customers and job seekers think of us?”

IMWF analyzed and evaluated data on around 20,000 companies, 385 of which made it over the 60-point hurdle and into the ranking. For the IT services sector, valantic, too, secured a place on the winners list of Germany’s best MINT employers.

IMWF used social media analytics, drawing primarily on data relating to customer feedback, direct mentions of the brand, and any conversations with relevant keywords, topics and industries.

Job seekers in the MINT sector were another excellent source for this technique since they tend to be highly critical and discriminating when it comes to matters of potential employers, says IMWF. The evaluation is thus split into two main areas: Firstly, the company’s visibility and reputation on the web; and secondly, its activity and assessment on the job market.

valantic’s placement shows: Job seekers quickly realize what makes valantic an attractive MINT employer. We are delighted with the trust expressed by this.“

Birgitt Schmidt-Tophoff, Director Recruitment
Image of Birgitt Schmidt Tophoff, Director Recruitment at valantic

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