Efficient financial planning: How to develop a financial model with anaplan in just 20 minutes

Connected Planning with Anaplan

In an increasingly dynamic and data-driven business world, efficient and agile business planning is absolutely vital. The Anaplan planning platform plays a key role here by helping companies optimize their planning processes and make better decisions.

But how can you benefit from these advantages? Let’s say your company needs to develop a financial model at short notice  to analyze business scenarios and draw up budgets. Anaplan lets you do this in no time at all!

Best Practice Video: “Develop your financial model in just 20 minutes!”

In our video, our expert shows you how you can develop a financial model in just 20 minutes. This lightning-fast introduction to developing a financial model shows how Anaplan lets you design accurate planning processes with a minimum of effort. You’ll learn just how simple, quick and agile Anaplan is in supporting your planning processes. This demonstration not only gives you insights into the diverse capabilities of the Anaplan platform, but also valuable information on how to optimally position your company.

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Learning with ease: Anaplan’s low-code environment

Anaplan’s low code environment makes learning and using the platform a breeze. Even if you only have limited technical skills, you can still quickly grasp the basics and build your own models. The intuitive user interface and comprehensive documentation assist you at every step. In this way, you can customize the solution and fine-tune it continuously to address your company’s unique needs.

Co-building approach: Your success is our top priority

We take a fundamentally different approach compared to traditional implementation methodologies. This centers on a co-building strategy focusing on your active participation in the implementation process. We believe the only way to leverage Anaplan’s benefits to the full is by working closely together with our customers. Our experienced team of experts will guide you through the implementation process and ensure that you familiarize yourselves thoroughly with the system and its many features. By taking an active role, you can take control of your planning processes and make data-driven decisions while minimizing the need for costly IT resources.

valantic project approach
valantic project approach

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