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Our SAP industry solutions

Perfectly attuned to you

Are you looking for a custom-tailored SAP solution for your industry? You will find one at valantic. valantic has profound knowledge of the processes, requirements, and needs of the consumer goods, food and beverage, pharmaceutical, and chemical industries, not to mention steel construction and mechanical engineering. From purchasing to materials procurement, production, and logistics, on through to distribution and IT management: We ensure that your industry-specific processes run smoothly.

Our SAP industry know-how

SAP for the chemical industry

The chemical industry is one of the most important industries in Germany. Chemical products are used in nearly all areas of production. Hardly any other industry has so broad a customer base. Accordingly, the requirements for business processes are very high in the chemical industry: Great variety among products and applications, complex logistical flows, and networked production resources with frequent bottlenecks must be considered for optimizations.

Industry expertise hazardous materials management

If the concern is to assist manufacturers of chemicals, paints, varnishes, concrete, and building materials with optimization of their processes, we have the required experience and industry expertise.

With our SAP solutions that have long since proven themselves in these areas, topics such as hazardous goods management, formulation variants, flexible formulations or linear mixing optimization are no longer a hurdle that cannot be overcome.

SAP industry solutions for the consumer goods industry

Food producers have always been in the field of tension between raw materials, shelf lives, retail, and consumers. Products that turn over fast, high inventory turnover, and impossible-to-calculate consumer reactions represent special challenges here. The logistics and distribution of the products with fixed delivery times, long remaining lives, and threatened contractual penalties put some companies under great cost pressure.

More than 30 years’ industry experience

We have already completed SAP projects at many branded companies and private label producers. Based on numerous projects all across Europe, we have come to know the food and beverage industry FMCG processes, and flexible formulations with their respective IT challenges very precisely. We know what it means to map batch tracing on the SAP system. And we are familiar with condition negotiations, which are initiated once again by the trade each year.

Whether milk, chocolate, jam or fruit products, mineral water or fruit juices, whether with or without allergens, with or without return deposit, mixed or full pallets, fresh service or delivery to retail distribution centers: We know the processes and recognize optimization potential. Our reference include the who’s who of European consumer goods producers.

SAP industry solutions for the pharmaceutical industry

Research, innovation, security, reliability, and the highest quality standards – anyone in the pharmaceutical industry who wants to be on top has to fulfill these requirements. For example, with the SAP software suite. valantic as SAP-PartnerEdge-Gold-Partner has extensive industry-specific knowledge.

Implementation of industry-specific requirements

We don’t want to overwhelm you with jargon to prove that we’re experts. We also have hands-on experience with the whole supply chain, assembly, and HF manufacturing, quality management, incorporation of LIMS systems, IT security, and the execution of prospective and retrospective validations according to FDA/GxP (21 CFR Part 11) as part of the SDLC. Take advantage of our expertise and use the right tools.

Our solutions for biometric authentication of users and authorization of functions are made especially for the strict requirements and provisions of FDA/GxP (21 CFR Part 11). And our software creation process and QA measures have passed supplier audits by various pharmaceutical companies.

We also have expert knowledge of the pharmaceutical industry, whether wholesale or OTC sales, seamless batch tracking or electronic batch logging.

SAP industry solutions for steel construction and mechanical engineering

Steel construction and mechanical engineering are the motors of the German economy. High energy prices, extremely varied products, and increasing raw material costs make a highly efficient IT environment indispensable for companies in this industry.

Flexibility with short delivery times

For production according to the ETO (Engineer-to-Order) and MTO (Make-to-Order) production principles, the logistics processes require the greatest possible flexibility with the shortest possible delivery times. Frequently, the production orders are only completed during final assembly on-site, possibly also with job order production. This requires wide-ranging expertise for the implementation of SAP products since many different aspects must be considered simultaneously.

Our expertise and solutions in the SAP environment have been an important factor for many years if the concern is to master the diverse challenges of this sector.

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