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SAP authorization concept

Is your SAP authorization concept on the test bench and does it need to be optimized? Would you like to know what approach makes the most sense for your company for the long term? We have the answers, for one thing is certain: the next audit, whether internal or by business auditors, is sure to come.

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Redesign of your SAP authorization concept

We will start from where you are now

How do we proceed when we are assisting you with the reworking or implementation of your authorization concept? We start with a detailed actual analysis of your authorization procedures.

In the next step, we use this basis to create an overall concept taking into account your individual requirements for authorization management. And naturally we will assist you the whole way through when it comes to your individual requirements. Standardized and transparent processes ensure a role concept that is fit for the future.

We plan your project success

A clear road map is important if an implementation is to be planned successfully. Only this way can authorization projects be completed in timely fashion. For the technical implementation of a redesign, we make use of the advantages of our GRC solution suite apm.

Would you like to get a picture of how your authorization management might work with apm? For you, during the project phase, complete access to our SAP add-on is included. Subsequently, of course, you can continue using our solution if you wish.

Smooth transition without time-consuming test phase

When it is time for the implementation of the new authorization concept, we start with our “safe transition” phase: With an automated comparison of authorizations, there is no need for the manual test phase by specialized departments.

Go-Live without risk

Within the “Safe Transition” we refine the authorization process: Who really uses which authorization? Is everything compliant? Once these questions are answered, the path is clear for a secure go-live of the new authorization concept.

Safe Transition

Go-live without loss of productivity

Are you facing the challenge of recreating your SAP authorization concept in order to ensure compliance? Such a redesign is generally associated with great effort and risks for ongoing business processes.

No manual test phase – no time-consuming process for specialized departments

The Safe Transition function of the GRC and authorization solution apm atlantis offers you a risk-free, time-saving opportunity to replace your old SAP role concept with a new one directly in productive operation, without noticeably disturbing the users. No time-consuming manual test phase for the specialized departments is required. If an employee needs an additional authorization while he is already working with the new model, he automatically accesses one of his previous authorizations. With information logged by the system, it is possible to read which authorizations were necessary and whether within the roles assigned there are conflicts due to critical authorizations in SAP. While employees continue doing their daily business undisturbed, the new authorization concept can be optimized easily in the background. This means that the go-live is entirely without risk.

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Your benefits at a glance

Clear road map so the implementation can be planned successfully

Secure transition from the old to the new authorization concept with “Safe Transition”

No risks during the go-live

No manual test phase, and therefore no time-consuming process for specialized departments

Complete access to the GRC solution apm during the project phase

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