Integrated success, financial and corporate planning

Integrated financial planning

With the valantic financial pilot, you can effortlessly create the basis for company-wide integrated financial planning. The tool is a comprehensive solution for the optimal design of your financial strategies and their seamless integration into corporate practice. Maximize the efficiency of your financial planning processes with the clear advantages of the valantic financial pilot.

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Fast, simple, integrated: valantic financial pilot for successful financial planning

With the valantic financial pilot, you can easily and quickly create the prerequisites for mapping the structure of a multi-level contribution margin accounting according to your company’s specifications. An extensive, high-performance, integrated analysis and reporting area offers you pre-defined reports and evaluations that can map your corporate structure taking best practices into account.

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The valantic financial pilot offers you pre-configured modules for:

  • Integrated corporate planning
  • Strategic and operational financial planning
  • Budgeting and Rolling Forecast
  • Liquidity management, cash flow analyses
  • Working Capital Management
  • Profit/Market segment calculation
  • Productivity and profitability analyses
  • (Consolidated) contribution margin accounting
  • Quality and target cost management
  • Scenario planning and risk management
  • Benchmarking and market analyses
  • Marginal plan and process cost accounting
  • Measures/project management
  • Order settlement
  • Personnel cost and resource planning
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Integrated profit and financial planning with the valantic financial pilot

With the valantic financial pilot you will soon realize a comprehensive solution for transparent financial planning. In the context of planning, simulation or a rolling forecast, the solution dynamically links P&L, balance sheet and cash flow. Thus you can directly see their effects on the asset situation, financial position and profitability and simulate alternative scenarios. On the basis of this knowledge, you can make the best decisions for future investments and thus ensure the long-term liquidity of your company.

The benefits of integrated financial planning

Optimize your financial strategies with integrated financial planning. Benefit from comprehensive transparency, real-time analyses and precise planning. Integrated financial planning enables well-founded decisions, increases efficiency and ensures sustainable success. Discover the benefits for your company and take the future of your finances into your own hands.

A tool for corporate planning and control

Direct simulation of financing decisions

Determination of effective cash flows up to liquidity requirements planning

Connection of operational planning such as sales planning, budget planning, divisional planning, personnel planning, profit and loss statement, etc.

All methods of cost accounting (e.g. marginal costing, process costing)

Holger Scheel
Senior Vice President, Evotec AG

”valantic business analytics assisted us actively throughout the entire project period. The consultants proved that they have a lot of technical expertise, they determined Evotec’s business requirements quickly and found a solution for every problem.“


Holger Grimmig
Partial Project Manager, OLB

”valantic business analytics as a good name when it comes to the implementation of BI software was an expert consultant and offered the most persuasive proof of concept during the selection process.“


René Miribung
Technical Officer for Finance and Budget , Ministry of the German-speaking Community in Belgien

”The consultants from valantic business analytics brought not only well-founded IT expertise to the table, they also have an astonishingly good understanding of the challenges faced in the daily work of public administration. With their innovative solutions and ideas, they showed us solution possibilities and made our planning and reporting system fit for the future. The time savings since the go-live have been enormous.“


Norbert Herrmann
Director of the aid apportionment society of the RZVK des Saarlandes

”The valantic business analytics team supports and maintains our business intelligence solution. We are very satisfied with the support and services and can only recommend cooperation with valantic business analytics.“


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Integrated planning at Lehmann&Voss brings up-to-date forecasts, transparency and precision to sales and capacity planning

valantic has created a common planning process for all business areas, standardized workflows and ultimately reduced costs and effort.

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