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Integrated Financial Landscape: Tagetik meets SAP S/4

Streamline your financial operations with valantics Tagetik SAP Connector – our T/4 Connect® solution, offering easy, flexible, and real-time data integration for financial planning, as well as legal or management consolidation and reporting. Experience seamless integration tailored to your needs. 

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Tagetik SAP Connector - T4 Connect® revolutionizes integrated financial systems landscapes.

With our pre-configured data integration and reporting content, valantics T/4 Connect® interface solution facilitates easy and flexible real-time reporting and seamless integration between CCH® Tagetik on SAP HANA and various SAP Analytics applications.

As the creators of the Tagetik SAP Connector – solution, we provide extensive technical and subject-matter expertise, ensuring not just quick and successful standard implementations but also tailored solutions for complex needs.

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Michael Eibner
Consultant valantic

”With our Tagetik SAP Connector called: T/4 Connect®, we’ve developed a solution that truly transforms finance operations. It’s the perfect combination – enhancing data quality while minimizing the effort spent on tedious tasks. This not only accelerates processes but also improves data accuracy and boosts team satisfaction.“

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Automated low-maintenance data integration with our Tagetik SAP Connector

Master your data management for financial planning and reporting with valantics T/4 Connect® Solution. Our powerful tool seamlessly integrates CCH® Tagetik with SAP Analytics applications across multiple platforms. We drive your data integration and validation journey with automation and flexibility, significantly speeding up your financial closing processes and reducing manual data cleansing efforts. The pre-configured, customizable content not only lowers project and implementation costs but also enables rapid deployment and early prototyping. With T/4 Connect®, you adapt quickly to specific reporting and integration needs, ensuring reliable and up-to-date financial data.

Key benefits from our Tagetik SAP Connector: 

  1. 1

    Seamless Integration: Automated connectivity across multiple database environments. 

  2. 2

    Reduced Costs and Effort: Lower implementation costs and minimal manual data handling. 

  3. 3

    Faster Deployment: Quick, easy setup allows for immediate report prototyping. 

  4. 4

    Customizable: Adapts to your specific financial reporting and integration requirements.

Achieve easy, flexible real-time integration and reporting with valantics T/4 Connect® Solution starter kit

With its pre-configured data integration and reporting content, valantics  T/4 Connect® interface solution facilitates easy and flexible real-time reporting and seamless integration between CCH® Tagetik on SAP HANA and further SAP Analytics applications. 

Automate your data reporting for faster close and less manual effort for data quality cleansing. Leverage SAP analytics tools to provide a digital platform for reporting. Reduce overall project and implementation costs with pre-packaged content for self-service reporting and data integration. Characterized by fast and easy deployment, valantics T/4 Connect® will get you prototyping reports early as part of a short implementation cycle, while pre-built SAP HANA content is adaptive to specific integration and reporting requirements.

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The T/4 Connect® extends its capabilities beyond SAP S/4HANA, offering robust support for CCH® Tagetik. We understand the importance of flexibility in financial and corporate performance management, which is why T/4 Connect® is now engineered to seamlessly integrate with CCH® Tagetik environments running on both PostgreSQL and Microsoft SQL databases. Experience the power of unified connectivity, where your data flows effortlessly, regardless of the underlying technology. 

T/4 Connect® Solution outline. An out of the box solution to integrate your S/4HANA ERP System with CCH® Tagetik.

Tagetik SAP Connector - T/4 Connect Solution outline. An out of the box solution to integrate your S/4HANA ERP System with CCH Tagetik.

Tagetik SAP Connector: What are the potential use cases for an integrated CCH® Tagetik finance platform?

Upstream (Pull) Data from S/4HANA to CCH® Tagetik on HANA

1.Automated actual data integration from a S/4HANA or legacy SAP ECC / R/3 ERP to CCH® Tagetik AI Hub with seamless integration into CCH® Tagetik CPM processes and workflows.

2.Automated master data transfer from S/4HANA to CCH® Tagetik (e.g. cost center, currencies, business partners) for less maintenance and greater data availability in CCH® Tagetik.

3.S/4HANA detailed data extraction (e.g. customer profitability data) out of S/4HANA components as (combined) data sets in CCH® Tagetik AI Hub for further use in Tagetik reporting and analytics.

Downstream (Push) Data from CCH® Tagetik on HANA to S/4HANA or Datasphere and BW

4.Pushing of Budgeting or planning data created in Tagetik on aggregated (from CPM processes) or detailed data level (from AI Hub) to be provided for use with S/4 HANA tables (e.g., ACDOCP).

5.Pushing of IFRS postings created with CCH® Tagetik components to be provided for S/4 HANA processing as batch input, IDoc etc. format.

Tagetik as an Integrated and Overarching Data Reporting Platform

6.Direct usability of SAP HANA views and Analytical Workspace for Reporting – combined or single data sources can be used, also for non-financial data.

Tagetik SAP Connector: Bring your CCH® Tagetik Data to Value

Our customers share similar pain points when it comes to modern integration between CCH® Tagetik and Microsoft Power BI.

They have had enough of performance bottlenecks and long waiting times for data updates between CCH® Tagetik and Microsoft Power BI. We have found a remedy with our T4 Reporting® solution! It offers a modern integration that maintains data integrity and granularity for in-depth financial analysis. Whether you prefer a direct connection or an optional storage layer, we have the solution for you.

Download our T4 Reporting Flyer and learn more about our intelligent bridge between CCH Tagetik and Power BI

T/4 Reporting® - The intelligent bridge between CCH® Tagetik and Power BI

Discover the benefits of valantics T/4 Reporting®! Take advantage of the flexibility of Microsoft Power BI and the comprehensive features of CCH® Tagetik for fully integrated, interactive management reporting.

Click here to download your free information material and discover the possibilities of T/4 Reporting®! Click here to download your free information material and discover the possibilities of T/4 Reporting®!
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Why valantic?

We offer a comprehensive partnership that guides you through every stage of your data integration journey—from strategic planning and process design to addressing technical requirements. Our holistic approach ensures that all aspects of your data management are aligned. 

As the creators of our core product, we possess deep technical knowledge not only about the product itself but also around the connected business needs and processes such as financial planning, consolidation, and reporting. Our extensive experience enables us to provide a 360-degree perspective, ensuring thorough and informed delivery in all aspects of your project.

Our experts bring system-agnostic technical skills in data integration, coupled with both technical and business expertise across the financial planning and analysis value chain. This includes specialized knowledge in CCH® Tagetik and SAP S/4 environments, empowering our team to deliver high-quality, integrated solutions tailored to your business needs. 

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Blog article: Making SAP reporting tools such as CCH® Tagetik usable on SAP S/4HANA

Choose CCH® Tagetik for planning and consolidation and integrate it effortlessly with SAP S/4HANA through valantics T/4 Connect®. Benefit from preconfigured content for seamless data integration.

​„What’s in it for you?“ - Read our Tagetik SAP Connector blog article! ​„What’s in it for you?“ - Read our Tagetik SAP Connector blog article!

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Do you want to say goodbye to manual data entry and get results at the touch of a button? It's easy with our Tagetik SAP Connector:

The T/4 Connect® application makes data integration and harmonization between SAP S/4HANA, SAP BI / BW and Tagetik systems much easier. We provide you with ready-made HANA content that can be quickly and easily adapted to your individual requirements.

Get to know our automated interface between S/4HANA and CCH® Tagetik – our T/4 experts will be happy to help you – get in touch with us!

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