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Picture of three people discussing something, next to it picture of a machine and behind it a screenshot from the wayPRO software and a picture of a port with containers, valantic project management with wayPRO

wayPRO - cross-project planning transparency and adherence to schedules

The next dimension in project planning

Individual customer requests should also be fulfilled in complex projects; that’s the goal and nevertheless always a challenge. Delivery dates, resource planning, and other different basic conditions have to be attuned to one another with operative project management. With valantic’s wayPRO (project management) module, SCM departments get easy, quick mapping of this multi-project planning.

All projects are stored centrally in wayPRO and they can be processed in real time. This project data is up-to-date and available to the people responsible for planning at all times. wayPRO reveals dependencies and identifies scheduling and capacity conflicts, for example if different projects rely on the same resources. The coordination effort in project management can be minimized this way, for the project manager can concentrate on his essential work: the realistic scheduling of projects, prioritization of decisions, and making of recommendations for action.

If necessary, wayPRO can be synchronized with SAP PS or other ERP systems via a certified SAP standard interface.

wayPRO works as a stand-alone solution, but it can complement the planning and control software wayRTS, insofar as, in addition to project business, the disposition of purchased and manufactured parts are relevant in the planning context. This way, the project manager can also see whether the necessary components will be available on time for a project phase. wayPRO’s alert functions also reveal conflicts here.

Benefits for your processes

Visualization and transparency in multi-project planning
Easy to use and user-friendly
Project and cross-system coordination
Uniform database and bidirectional connection to your ERP
Connection to production and procurement
Communication and reporting in real time

Project Controlling Simplified

Network planning technology

The functional scope of wayPRO is oriented according to classic network planning technology. The scheduling of activities can be mapped flexibly in the processes, and it is up to the person responsible to plan the project forwards or backwards and schedule individual processes permanently or orient them toward the entire network while scheduling using organizational relations. Thanks to real-time data processing, the results of the scheduling are available to the software immediately, for example, for displaying the critical path within a project. The effects with respect to other projects with the same participants are also visible at the same moment. Any conflicts in multi-project management can be revealed early on and important milestones can be incorporated usefully into the planning.


Planners who have experience with Microsoft will learn to operate the planning interface very quickly, so that after just a few days, they can use wayPRO to set up projects independently, detect conflicts, and plan realistically. Among other things, the module includes pre-configured and customized views and lists, which are also available for exchange among colleagues, and it always keeps the critical data up-to-date.

From partial project manager up to the management level

Depending on the function and requirement, the planning is mapped on different hierarchical levels. For management, aggregated overviews of selected or all projects are mapped, sorted according to the most important phases. The people responsible for the individual phases, by contrast, can see only their processes and corresponding dependencies in wayPRO.

Multiple access to a network plan

In contrast to usual tools of this type, a wayPRO user does not block the editing of a network plan for other planners. Only the changed elements are updated on the way server. In addition, each participant has the opportunity to integrate other users’ changes into his own network plan and to assess effects.

What would happen if…

Frequently, it is necessary to check alternative scenarios initially before they are taken over permanently. The scenarios center is available for such cases: Here, planning states can be copied by the productive system and checked before publication.


For schedule communication outside your company, MS Project can still be used. wayPRO allows a special export of the network plans in question for just this purpose.

Communication with the ERP system

wayPRO complements your SAP PS or other ERP system optimally with network planning functionalities. The regular transfer of the network plan data synchronizes the wayPRO planning results with your ERP system. For the SAP interface, there is a certified standard interface, which can be adjusted to your individual basic conditions. We will be glad to create a custom-tailored concept for the integration of wayPRO into your IT environment.

wayPRO and wayRTS

For the display of the entire supply chain – from order request to production order materials management to network planning milestone – wayPRO and wayRTS can be used together. Both systems are combined into one client.

Our way-family

Picture of two men at work in a production plant, next to it a picture of a machine and behind it pictures of a tablet with a screenshot of the wayRTS software and a port with containers, valantic production planning with wayRTS

Production planning with wayRTS

With the wayRTS APS system, we offer you high-performance software for real-time production planning and control of all of your company's value-creating levels.

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KPI management with wayKPI

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Workforce management with wayWFM

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Supply chain communication with wayCOM

With wayCOM, companies can digitalize workflows, standardize and automate the accompanying communication, and thus be more efficient. Users specify with wayCOM which information should flow where and how documentation should be done.

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