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wayCOM – the software for supply chain communication

Standardization and automation increase the efficiency of production and the supply chain

With wayCOM’s stand-alone workflow management system, companies can not only digitalize workflows; with standardization and automation of the accompanying communication, they also increase their efficiency. Users specify with wayCOM which information should flow where and how documentation will be handled. Users define flexibly which business events require which automatic measures. This way, errors and omissions in the operational information flow are prevented effectively: the transparency of individual processes increases automatically and without additional work.

Individual workflow solutions based on proven functional modules

wayCOM is also available as a stand-alone workflow management system. It has its own SQL database and interfaces for integration, e.g. into the Microsoft or SAP worlds. This modular software can be configured for a wide variety of processes entirely without individual programming. Users ensure that information about business events is available automatically to all affected offices right away. The result is continuous documentation and a reduction of the work required for reporting.

Functional benefits & technical flow of wayCOM

Workflow management/automated e-mailing

Measure manager

Recording/data storage

Evaluation and analysis

Report generator

Benefits for your processes

Automated workflows

Documentation of communication

Automated reporting

Easy evaluation of the information

Modular software

Our way family

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