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Electronics industry

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There is no digitalization without electronics. This part of the technology is constantly conquering new industries and areas of application. Is everything OK for companies in this industry? Not at all. The electronic markets are growing, but the competition is growing too – all around the world, but especially in Asia. At the same time, quick technological changes determine the heartbeat of the market. Anyone who wants to prevail as a European electronics manufacturer has to be extremely flexible and defy the price war with quality and efficiency.

Better cards when the competition gets tough

Optimization in the electronics industry is not an individual project, but rather a constant companion. Improvement and miniaturization are just one aspect. Volatile procurement markets; new sales markets with completely different requirements and standards; material flows for countless components; value-added chains with little transparency – there is great optimization potential lurking in the production and logistics of the electronics industry. Our suggestion to you: Let us bring out this potential in your company together. valantic has experienced industry experts among its ranks, who are prepared as experts in processes, organizational structures, and IT solutions to bring out the slumbering improvement and efficiency potential in your production and your flows of goods reliably and for the long term.

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Martin Hofer

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