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wayWFM - the tool for efficient workforce management

Optimization of personnel and shift planning

The right allocation of resources and capacities determines success in project management, and especially in production planning. Here, each employee is an important, special resource. Employees cannot be planned in at will, for different qualifications, work time models, overtime accounts, labor requirements, vacation planning, trainings, and sick days make the allocation of personnel capacities complex. At the same time, today’s agile, order-oriented production requires flexible deployment of personnel.

With valantic’s modern workforce management solution wayWFM, users have a tool for efficient, clear personnel deployment planning. wayWFM is incorporated into the waySuite and includes extensive functionalities for automated, optimized allocation of personnel resources taking into consideration needs, qualifications, and capacities.

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Product Sheet

Transparent workforce scheduling taking into account demand, qualifications and capacities: efficient workforce management with wayWFM.


Analysis, reporting, and dashboards in wayWFM

Well-founded decisions require transparency. In wayWFM, the demand and capacity situation can be filtered and evaluated per workplace and shift in a quick overview, detailed or according to particular aspects. Planning in valantic’s workforce management solution starts with automatic personnel deployment planning; it can be reworked manually. The shift planners always have an overview of demand and capacities, even of the absences recorded.

Benefits for your processes

Transparent and networked planning of personnel resources and machines

Automation and reduction of planning effort

Short and long-term optimization of personnel deployment

Cost reductions thanks to better use of normal working hours

Reduction of idle times

Increasing of employee motivation thanks to planning security

Great efficiency and adherence to schedules in the supply chain

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