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Supply Chain Management & Logistics

In this blog category, you will find information about the exciting world of logistics and supply chain management and learn more about the topics SCM and logistics consulting, sales & operations planning, and logistics and supplier management. Our experts will provide information about our realtime APS software (Advance Planning and Scheduling) way RTS, the standard software for real-time simulation of SCM planning scenarios. Another topic in this blog category is the Critical Chain Monitor, our cloud-based service for inventory monitoring and defect management in global supply networks.


Triad valantic Partnersite o9, featured
Building the digital foundation for next-generation project-based planning

When we talk about project-based services, we think about very complex equipment, long lead times, services to install the products, a global network of suppliers, and the management of aftermarket parts and maintenance.

Maschinen- und Anlagenbau: Dem Fachkräftemangel mit IT und KI die Stirn bieten
Shortage of skilled workers in mechanical and plant engineering

The shortage of skilled workers and engineers has reached a historic peak, and mechanical and plant engineering companies in particular are suffering from this shortage. The pressure on industry is not likely to decrease in the future either. So what can companies do about this?

Triad VDA 6.3 process analyses as a basis for increasing added value
VDA 6.3 process analyses as a basis for increasing added value

Johannes Michel is Logistics Management Consultant at valantic and provides some insight into auditing, in the automotive industry and elsewhere. In the interview, he talks about the benefits and challenges of auditing according to the VDA 6.3 standard.

Image of a data center and two people talking: Successful SAP Projects Through Process Mining
Successful SAP Projects Through Process Mining

Process mining allows business processes to be analyzed efficiently, across systems. The insights help companies reduce complexity in their SAP transformation projects and achieve optimal results.

Image of David Boros, valantic ERP Consulting in Langenfeld
SAP Trainee: Grow with future-oriented SAP topics

David Boros is a Cologne native who started as a SAP Logistics trainee at valantic in September 2021. Today, he is a junior consultant on the DSC (Digital Supply Chain) team, and he tells us why he recommends the valantic trainee program and what he particularly liked about it.

RISE with SAP Paves the Way to the Cloud for Industrial Enterprises
RISE with SAP Paves the Way to the Cloud for Industrial Enterprises

RISE with SAP lets industrial enterprises progress with their digitization programs without the need for upfront investments. Combined with the support of SAP partners such as valantic, the Business Transformation as a Service portfolio becomes a highly attractive option for SMEs.

Bild von Philipp Grittner, Berater bei valantic im Bereich Logistikmanagement, im Hintergrund ein Windrad und eine Solaranlage, Nachhaltigkeit bei valantic
The path to sustainability

Philipp Grittner, consultant at valantic in the area of logistics management, gives us an insight into the topic of sustainability at valantic. In the interview, he talks about the idea of making valantic a more sustainable company and the path to sustainability.

Image of Antonia Demleitner, Junior Consultant SAP TM at valantic Supply Chain Excellence in Munich
Why it’s possible to jump into SAP consulting as a mathematician

Antonia Demleitner tells us why, as a mathematician, she took the leap into SAP consulting at valantic and she gives us an overview of her tasks as an SAP TM consultant on projects.

Image of Heiko Braeske, Senior Software Architect at valantic Supply Chain Excellence, celebrating his anniversary
Heiko Braeske Celebrates a Big Anniversary at valantic

Heiko Braeske, Senior Software Architect at valantic supply Chain Excellence, is celebrating his 20-year anniversary. What does the former doctoral student of process engineering experience think about 20 turbulent years, what were his personal highlights, and what tips does he have for today's talented young programmers?

Image of Daniel Wenzl, Consultant at valantic Supply Chain Excellence, Automated Production Planning
Automated production planning: realize optimal efficiency and cost benefits

The topic of automated production planning is currently being discussed intensively. Daniel Wenzl, Consultant at valantic, explains in an interview how companies can benefit from planning solutions for automated production.

valantic & TechConsult Study: "Corona Redefines IT Priorities"
Corona Redefines IT Priorities: This is What German Companies Now Have on the Agenda

The study "Corona resets IT priorities" by valantic and techconsult examined the impact of Corona on 218 German companies at the end of 2020.

Bild von Prof. Dr.-Ing. Johannes Fottner (TU München) und Martin Hofer (valantic), Trends in Logistik
Trends in Logistics, Material Flow, and Materials Handling

Excellent supply chain management and smoothly functioning logistics “just in time” are directly relevant to companies’ sales. However, under the difficult conditions due to the coronavirus, deficits have been revealed at many organizations. What should companies do today and what will the business world look like in ten years?

Bild von Markus Schedel, valantic Supply Chain Excellence, in zwei runden Bildausschnitten daneben ein LKW sowie eine Lagerhalle, Lieferketten optimieren mit dem Connected Chain Manager von valantic
Optimize supply chains with the Connected Chain Manager

Intelligent supply chain management creates transparency, improves processes, and reduces work and costs. valantic’s Connected Chain Manager (CCM) visualizes relevant information such as inventories, throughput times, parts lists, requirements, and delivery capacities, which in turn provides inter-company planning security, even in a multi-level supply chain.

Portrait of Markus Hoff, Senior Consultant in the field of logistics management at valantic, in the background a warehouse and an industrial port
Supply Chain Design: Planning and Simulation of a Company’s Logistics Network

Markus Hoff, Senior Consultant at valantic in the logistics management sector, in an interview about supply chain design.

Bild von Marco Fuhr, Senior Consultant im Bereich Logistikmanagement, im Hintergrund Windräder, eine Photovoltaik-Anlage und das Ladekabel eines Elektroautos, Nachhaltigkeit im Supply Chain Management
Sustainability in Supply Chain Management

Marco Fuhr, Senior Consultant Logistics Management at valantic, in an interview about sustainability in supply chain management.

Picture of Ingo Hoepfner, next to it a picture of a tablet with graphics and statistics and behind it pictures of car parts in a warehouse and of a street,TISAX certification for valantic
TISAX Certification for valantic:
5 questions for Ingo Hoepfner

TISAX stands for Trusted Information Security Assessment Exchange and is the highest security standard in the automobile industry. We asked Ingo Hoepfner about this right after valantic had received the TISAX label.

Bild von Ingo Hauptmann, Segmentleiter Lieferantenmanagement bei valantic Supply Chain Excellence, daneben ein iPad sowie Autoteile in einem Lager, im Hintergrund ein Industriehafen mit Containern
Supplier management: 5 Questions for the Logistics Hero Ingo Hauptmann

Ingo Hauptmann is one of the 2020 logistics heroes of the initiative “Die Wirtschaftsmacher”. This SCM specialist explains how he optimizes his customers’ supplier management in the interview.

Bild von Marian Kral, Consultant bei valantic Supply Chain Excellence, daneben ein Bild von einem Change-Management-Modell
Methods, success factors & risks in change management

Marian Kral works in the Supply Chain Excellence division at valantic and devoted himself to the topic of change management even during his studies. Now he can put his knowledge to practical use in his project work. In an interview, he provides insight into the topic of change management.

Bild von Katharina Mossbauer, Analystin Integrated Business Planning bei valantic Supply Chain Excellence und dahinter die Büroräumlichkeiten des Münchener valantic Büros sowie die Stadtansicht von München
My Journey from Working Student to Integrated Business Planning Analyst

Katharina Moosbauer, Integrated Business Planning Analyst, tells us about her student job at valantic Supply Chain Excellence and why she wanted to work at valantic after competing her studies.

Image of Joachim Hackmann, Principal Consultant at teknowlogy|PAC, digital innovations, a data center in the background
Just-in-Time and Just-in-Sequence: How life can continue after the coronavirus

Concepts such as Just-in-Time (JIT) and Just-in-Sequence (JIS) have been applied in the automobile industry for many years; however, in many places, consistent implementation was lacking. Recently, new and promising approaches emerged based on AI-assisted software platforms. Then came the coronavirus. Now we need approaches that can help us manage global supply chains better.

Bild von Dr. Falk von Falkhausen, valantic Partner und Geschäftsführer im Competence Center Supply Chain Excellence, daneben ein Bild von fahrenden LKW's und dahinter Bilder von einem Lager und einer Bergstraße
5 questions for… Dr. Falk von Falkenhausen about the ability to monitor supply chains in times of crisis

valantic launched a new cloud solution two weeks ago: the Connected Chain Manager (CCM). We spoke to Dr. Falk von Falkenhausen about the ability to efficiently monitor global supply chains.

Bild von Thomas Pongratz, Managing Consultant SAP Transportation Management, vor dem Münchener valantic Office
An excursion into SAP Transportation Management at valantic

Thomas Pongratz, Managing Consultant at valantic, on the fast-moving nature of information technology, the challenges arising from this, and why he especially appreciates the team spirit and hands-on mentality at valantic.

Image of Martin Hofer, Executive Director at valantic Supply Chain Excellence, Supply Chain Management
5 questions for… Martin Hofer, Managing Director of the valantic Competence Center for Supply Chain Excellence

With Martin Hofer, Partner at valantic, we spoke about current challenges in supply chain management, the changes since the merger of Wassermann AG with the valantic Group, and the future of the industry.

Image of Fabian Stocker, Vice President Integrated Business Planning, in front of the valantic office in Munich
On a Digital Journey in the SAP IBP World

Interview with Fabian Stocker, Vice President Integrated Business Planning (SAP IBP) at valantic Supply Chain Excellence, about working as a consultant at valantic.