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Supplier management

Quick transparency with regard to ability to delivery and long-term supply security

Restoration and securing of supply (100% on-time delivery), no backlogs with respect to customers and transparency with an eye to the entire supply chain.

Supply security

Immediate measures guarantee quick process transparency with standardized tools for efficiency, inventory, and supply performance.

Range monitoring along the entire supply chain

The goal is standardized reporting for critical components to create transparency.


Rely on the long-term security and anchoring of performance-increasing and supply-securing measures.

Continuous improvement

Reduce your delivery risks and exploit optimization potential for procurement costs and quality expenses.

Monitoring of supply-critical materials via CCM

The Critical Chain Monitor serves to monitor supply security for critical components. The goal is standardized reporting for the creation of the best possible transparency using demand and supply comparisons for the entire value-added chain. This Web-based tool requires no software installation and is ready for use by all participants within 24 hours. With the plug-and-play function, you can establish a supply chain in approximately 30 minutes, with which supply can be divided across various locations and any bottlenecks can be detected. Information is visible to all participants live with classified authorizations – this saves time and resources. In connection with troubleshooting, you will quickly be in a position to make all supply chain concerns transparent and take necessary measures.

Supply security

Insufficient material allocation, incorrect deliveries, and a lack of transparency result in supply problems and additional costs. With the appropriate expertise and the right technology, you can get a permanent handle on this: Immediate measures guarantee you quick process transparency with standardized tools in the areas of efficiency, inventory, and supply performance; necessary process optimizations are analyzed and made.

The focus is always on the following aspects: long-term securing and anchoring of performance-increasing measures; sub-supplier management on through to tasks in production and inventory logistics; and special measures to systematically avoid incorrect deliveries. Here, continuous improvements reduce your delivery risks and can make optimization potential usable for procurement costs and quality expenses.

Stable and transparent processes along the value-added chain ensure the expansion of your competitive capability, so that you can exploit this as the basis for further growth.

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