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Automate regular planning tasks

AI-assisted optimization of production planning

Image of two men looking at camera, computer screen next to them; Sales & Operations Planning with the waySuite

wayRTS takes on tasks that can be done more efficiently with AI

Manual production planning always carries the risk of losing sight of the big picture while making individual adjustments. If done manually, capacitive leveling is time-consuming, and it is difficult to understand the overall situation. For example, overtime can be ordered in the event of capacity problems in the workplace, although this measure does not make sense at all due to a shortage of parts in downstream operations.

Mockup Product Sheet AI-assisted optimization of production planning with wayRTS
Product flyer: AI-assisted optimization of production planning with wayRTS

In our product sheet, we show you how Artificial Intelligence (AI) can help you optimize production planning and automate regular planning tasks.

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Benefits for your processes

Shorter throughput times

Reduced planning costs

Unburdening from routine activities

Inventory optimization

No more troubleshooting

AI-based automation in wayRTS applies to these three areas:

AI suggests, you decide

The automatic resolution of backlogs and capacitive smoothing by wayRTS makes life easier for you and everyone involved in production planning. Instead of elaborate analyses of manual backlog processing and capacitive harmonization, you simply check what the optimizer suggests – in some cases automatically – and apply it to your normal interactive planning in wayRTS.

AI-supported production planning helps you be as good as you can be. What intelligent algorithms find out about the planning status and possibilities to improve it affects various planning roles, such as purchasing, sales, project management, master rounds, and assembly planners.
Some people with full versions, others with comment or viewing licenses for wayRTS, everyone is working with the same automatically optimized planning image and makes their contribution to the visible overall best. The common view facilitates communication between stakeholders. For example:

valantic configures the optimization AI individually for your requirements

Do you want to see how an optimization of production planning might look for your company? Schedule a live demo now. AI-supported optimization of production planning only makes sense if it is precisely tailored to the conditions in your production and supply chain. waySuite comes with a series of mathematical procedures from which we can configure the automation that is right for your requirements. Together, we will teach the system which optimization goals and priorities apply, and in which contexts. This can vary significantly depending on the industry and the company. While one production planning is designed entirely to meet deadlines, cost factors dominate in another.

With our structured implementation methodology for semi-autonomous, optimized production planning, we will help you on your journey to creating a “Smart Factory.”

  1. Agile development and customization of the optimizer
  2. Step-by-step expansion of complexity
  3. Traceability and reproducibility of the optimized production plan
  4. Possibility of modular expansion of optimization/automation
  5. Adaptation of the requirements and specifications as part of agile development

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