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Digital Transformation

The digital transformation refers to an ongoing change process grounded in digital technologies. In the narrow sense, digital transformation frequently refers to the change process triggered by digital technologies and customer expectations based on these within a company. The basis of the digital transformation are a digital infrastructure and digital technologies that are developed in ever-faster sequence and thus smooth the path for other new technologies. The essential drivers of the digital transformation are digital infrastructures and applications, as well as the utilization potential based on the digital technologies, for example, digital business models. With its more than 1,100 consultants, valantic specializes in the digital transformation of companies and uses digital technologies to help them achieve greater efficiency and growth.


Dreiklang Loyalty-Programme
Loyalty programs: Customer loyalty redefined

Success with loyalty programs: Learn how to increase customer loyalty for your company and stay one step ahead of the competition!

CDP Implementation
CDP implementation: Quality assurance & go-live

In our eight-part blog series, you will gain insight into the implementation of a Customer Data Platform. After the project organization, the specification, the basic configuration, the data collection and the configuration of the use cases, phase six now follows in the implementation: the quality assurance and the go-live.

Triad Product usage data as a driver of business model innovation in mechanical & plant engineering
Product usage data as a driver of business model innovation in mechanical & plant engineering

The "Internet of Things" demands new relationships with customers and partners. With product usage data and CRM as the discipline of the hour, companies can create a forward-looking Industry & Manufacturing Experience. Read here.

Dreiklang Blogserie CDP Implementation
CDP implementation: configuring the use cases

In our eight-part blog series, you will gain insight into the implementation of a Customer Data Platform. After the project organization, the specification, the basic configuration and the data collection, phase four now follows in the implementation: the configuration of the use cases.

Dreiklang Blogserie CDP Implementation
CDP implementation: data collection

The blog series on CDP implementation provides a detailed insight into the different process phases. After the project organization, the specification and the basic configuration, phase four now follows in the implementation: data collection.

Triad Blog post Apex in the Salesforce universe
Apex in the Salesforce universe

It's easy to get lost in the programming universe. In this blog post, we explain what Salesforce's Apex programming language is, how to use it, and what benefits it brings to modern businesses. 

Dreiklang Blogserie CDP Implementation
CDP Implementation: Basic Configuration

The blog series on CDP implementation provides an in-depth look at the structured approach to project implementation. After the preparations, the team set-up and role allocation and the specification, phase two now follows in the implementation: the basic configuration.

Triad with an office in the background and three circles with hands typing on a laptop, a woman standing at a whiteboard and a man sitting at a desk; Real-time data transmission and CDP
Integration tools for real-time data and CDP: 2023 trends

Digitization and technological progress are advancing all the time, and the IT industry will continue to be defined by various trend topics in 2023.

Picture of Sascha Ulbrich, SAP CX Solutions Architect and Data Scientist at valantic, next to him the SAP logo and a laptop | Five Questions about SAP CDP for a MarTech Architect Consultant
Five Questions about SAP CDP for a MarTech Architect Consultant

In the jungle of marketing technologies, customer data platforms play a major role. One of them is SAP CDC. We asked the expert and MarTech consultant Sascha 5 questions about the tool. What can it do, for who is it suitable and what are its limits?

Triad Dark Patterns
How dark patterns on websites influence us and what this has to do with data protection

Misleading "cookie" consent banners, complicated and lengthy processes for deleting accounts, or well-hidden privacy settings - such practices can be summarized under the term "dark patterns”. Website operators use these specifically to persuade users to make a decision that they do not actually want to make. But what does all this have to do with data protection? This blog post aims to shed some light on the subject.

The Cookieless Future - A future of data sovereignty
The Cookieless Future – A Future of Data Sovereignty

In the past, products were sold. Today, trust is won. The Cookieless Future finally heralds the age of data sovereignty and the future of a new marketing: the marketing of sustainable customer relationships.

Header | Blog post Digitization of the statutory health insurance funds
The Digitalization of the Statutory Health Insurance Companies

Has digitalization now also reached the statutory health insurance companies in Germany? Our expert for statutory health insurance, Lutz Schedlbauer, Managing Consultant at valantic, has experienced the development of digitalization at health insurance companies first-hand. Here, he gives us a look at what he does everyday.

Picture of two men shaking hands, next to it the seal of brandeins Best Management Consultants, and a group of people in conversation, in the background the facade of an office building
valantic Distinguished as “Best Management Consultants” for the Ninth Time Running

This year, too, business magazine brand eins in cooperation with Statista have distinguished valantic with the title “Best Consultant” in their “Germany’s Best Management Consultants 2022” ranking.

RISE with SAP Paves the Way to the Cloud for Industrial Enterprises
RISE with SAP Paves the Way to the Cloud for Industrial Enterprises

RISE with SAP lets industrial enterprises progress with their digitization programs without the need for upfront investments. Combined with the support of SAP partners such as valantic, the Business Transformation as a Service portfolio becomes a highly attractive option for SMEs.

Image of people in conversation in front of a planning board with sticky notes, IT architecture consulting – an overview
IT Architecture Consulting

Fit for the future, flexibly adaptable, economical, and safe. That’s everything an IT architecture should ideally be. A strategic development of IT architecture is where it all begins and ends. Learn more about valantic's IT architecture consulting.

Picture of wine bottles in a wine rack, a mobile phone on which an online shop is displayed and two people in a consultation, valantic Customer Experience (CX)
Survey about the Status Quo of Digitalization

The SurveyHow far along are German companies with the implementation of the digital transformation and what challenges do they encounter in the process? This was the topic of the survey on the status quo of digitalization that valantic conducted in cooperation with the Services and Consulting Department of the Hochschule Ludwigshafen am Rhein. Visitors were […]

Bild zum Customer Focus Day SAP von valantic
Catalysts for a successful company

Companies want to update their individual SAP strategy, automate business processes, implement new digital business models, and make their IT flexible and more agile. The valantic Customer Focus Day SAP showed them how they can do these things successfully and what the catalysts are.

Bild eines Straßennetzes, eines Laptops sowie eines Handys und Mitarbeitern im Gespräch, Intercompany Abstimmungen, im Hintergrund die Stadtansicht von Köln
The E-Invoice – a Required Step toward Digitalization

With the introduction of the statutory regulation on electronic invoices ( e-invoices) in public administration, digitalization in finance and accounting is being further promoted. But what exactly is the e-invoice regulation about?

Image of Thomas Latajka, Managing Director at valantic ERP, office in Langenfeld, conference room, valantic website on a tablet computer
On the path to the customer-centered and intelligent company

The digital transformation in companies is progressing more and more. But the future belongs to customers and lies in the intelligence to provide them with the most perfect customer experience possible. With the customer at the center of attention, the path to the Intelligent Enterprise is thus marked out and indispensable. New technologies such as artificial intelligence, predictive analytics and the Internet of Things (IoT) will be increasingly in demand.

Bild von Holger von Daniels, CEO von valantic, im Hintergrund die Fassade eines Gebäudes, ein Tablet sowie Post-Its mit der Aufschrift Analysephase
Perpetuating entrepreneurial resistance together

In the IT user study published by Lünendonk on 22 September 2020, "The Market for IT Consulting and IT Services in Germany", 76 IT service providers share insights on developments, trend topics and future forecasts. In an interview, our CEO Holger von Daniels also talks to Lünendonk about growth, success and the holocratic management structure at valantic.

Bild von Christoph Resch, Geschäftsführer bei valantic CEC Deutschland, daneben das Bild einer Frau am Laptop und einigen Notizzetteln
Customer experience comes first at the intelligent enterprise

The future belongs to the customers. After all, they are the ones who pay in the end and increase the turnover of a company. In order for this to happen, the buyer or prospective buyer must feel absolutely comfortable with the service and product in each of his buying cycles. How does a company manage to provide its customers with a perfect buying and repurchasing experience?

Bild von Glenn González, Chief Technology Officer (CTO) SAP Germany, Referent beim Customer Focus Day SAP von valantic
The mindset must precede the technology

One of the top speakers at valantic's Customer Focus Day SAP 2020 is the SAP Chief Technology Officer (CTO) - SAP Germany Glenn González. As here in this short interview he talks less about technology, but rather about the mindset that must precede the technology.

Image of Joachim Hackmann, Principal Consultant at teknowlogy|PAC, digital innovations, a data center in the background
Digital business innovation: IT is the motor, but people are in control

Technologies for digital business innovation such as artificial intelligence and data analyses are enjoying a lot of attention lately. However, it takes talented people to drive the innovations forward and employees who use and exploit the digital innovations.

Roboter Hand tippt auf einer Laptop-Tastatur, valantic Whitetaper Chatbots
CFO: Surviving the digitalization madness – time-travel!

We are now in the future, in the year 2025. You're the CFO, sitting in your office, going over the manuscript for your upcoming farewell speech once again. In just a few minutes, you’ll face your employees one last time. Will you tell a tale of success or are you leaving your company because you failed miserably at digitalization?

Dion logo, next to it a picture of a walking man with a smartphone in his hand and behind it pictures of a building and a city, Dion Global Solutions GmbH becomes part of valantic group
Dion Global Solutions GmbH will operate onwards under Dion Transaction Solutions GmbH

Dion Global Solutions and valantic will join forces. Collectively, Dion and valantic have over 250 German-speaking developers, specialists and consultants with deep financial industry knowledge.