Customer Experience (CX)

The customer experience (CX) is the total of all individual interactions with a company across the entire customer life cycle. How customers perceive individual interactions creates a particular feeling and an opinion about the company that can be positive or negative. The goal of companies and corporate marketing is effective customer experience management in order to reinforce the customer relationship with positive experiences. valantic is an expert when it comes to the implementation of positive customer experiences – we use digital technologies to help customers strengthen the bonds between their products and customers.


Create the best possible CX for B2B customers
How to create the best possible CX for B2B customers

In the second part of our Customer Experience series, we want to reveal what a process for aligning with your end customer can look like.

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The path to a holistic customer experience (CX)

If you want to be successful as a company, you have to offer your customers a holistic customer experience. More than ever, an all-encompassing CX is a driving factor behind every purchase decision. How do you achieve that? Find out now!

Bild von Thomas Wieberneit, im Hintergrund ein Rechenzentrum und ein aufgeklappter Laptop; Customer Data Platform (CDP)
A customer data platform (CDP) is not an end in itself

A 360-degree view of customers is so “yesterday.” What you really need is a context-sensitive view of the customer that allows you to react relevantly and immediately: At any point in the customer journey. How can a customer data platform (CDP) support this context-sensitive view of the customer and at the same time increase the business value of a corporation?

Bild von Personen im Gespräch; Emarsys oder SAP Marketing Cloud
Comparison of Emarsys and the SAP Marketing Cloud

How is the marketing platform Emarsys recently acquired by SAP different from the SAP Marketing Cloud already in the SAP portfolio?

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Digitalization of multi-stage sales channels in B2B retail

In the “Tips & tricks for customer experience with SAP” rubric, we provide some helpful practical tips. The third part deals with so-called chain structures in the SAP Sales Cloud. These help to map complex sales channels – also directly in the standard system.

Bild einer Frau vor einem Laptop, daneben Post-its, 5 Gründe für Customer Experience Management
5 reasons why companies are more successful with customer experience management

Learn here why an investment in customer experience management is worthwhile and what concrete successes can be achieved with experience management.

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Conversion from MS Dynamics on-premise to the SAP Sales Cloud – data migration in no time at all

The conversion to a new CRM system brings new opportunities, but also some challenges. How can data be transferred from Microsoft Dynamics on-premise to the SAP Sales Cloud most easily?

Bild von Vincent Aniol, RE-UX-Consultant bei valantic CEC Schweiz, daneben das Bild eines Laptopbildschirmes sowie einiger Notizzettel
E-commerce: Customers Pay Higher Prices with Good Customer Experience

What makes for good customer experience in e-commerce and what do e-shop operators need to keep an eye on? Vincent Aniol, valantic, answers these questions.