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The term digitalization refers to the transformation of analog values into digital formats and their processing or storage in a digital-technical system. The information is first in any analog form and is then transformed via several steps into a digital signal. The data gained this way can be processed with information technology, a principle that underlies all forms of the digital transformation in economic, social, work, and private lives. As a European digitalization specialist, valantic helps its customers establish and implement digitalization competencies, thus ensuring more efficient processes and company flows.


Featured image consisting of a background image where a red bridge can be seen and three foreground images in the form of circles with the Anaplan partner logo, a woman in a red dress and a monitor with an Anaplan dashboard. (Partner page: Connected Planning with Anaplan)
Efficient financial planning: How to develop a financial model with anaplan in just 20 minutes

Let’s say your company needs to develop a financial model at short notice  to analyze business scenarios and draw up budgets. Anaplan lets you do this in no time at all! How? We'll show you in this blog post.

Triad valantic Partnersite o9, featured
Building the digital foundation for next-generation project-based planning

When we talk about project-based services, we think about very complex equipment, long lead times, services to install the products, a global network of suppliers, and the management of aftermarket parts and maintenance.

Image of Sascha Jäger, Team Lead HCM Software Engineering at valantic people
SAP HCM for HR management

Sascha Jäger shows us in the interview how he, as Team lead HCM Software Engineering, is working with his team to overcome the challenges of digitalizing his customers’ HR processes and how he has a lot of fun at the same time.

Image of a woman sitting in front of a laptop. Next to it, cables and the MIT Technology Review logo
valantic Among Germany’s Best MINT Employers

Heise’s Technology Review magazine has partnered with Hamburg-based management and market research establishment Institut für Management- und Marktforschung (IMWF) to choose the best MINT employers in Germany. valantic secures itself a place on the winners list in the IT services sector.

Bild von zwei Personen, die Notizen vor sich liegen haben, daneben in einem runden Bildausschnitt ein aufgeklappter Laptop sowie eine Glühbirne
Digitalization of multi-stage sales channels in B2B retail

In the “Tips & tricks for customer experience with SAP” rubric, we provide some helpful practical tips. The third part deals with so-called chain structures in the SAP Sales Cloud. These help to map complex sales channels – also directly in the standard system.

valantic & TechConsult Study: "Corona Redefines IT Priorities"
Corona Redefines IT Priorities: This is What German Companies Now Have on the Agenda

The study "Corona resets IT priorities" by valantic and techconsult examined the impact of Corona on 218 German companies at the end of 2020.

Bild von Falk Wünsch, Auszubildender Fachinformatiker Systemintegration bei valantic, ein aufgeklappter Laptop mit Codes, Post-Its, sowie eine Gebäudefassade im Hintergrund
Professional Start in IT – My Training as a Qualified Information Specialist for System Integration at valantic

Falk Wünsch, 22, tells us what a qualified IT specialist trainee who focuses on system integration does and why he likes working at valantic.

Image of Prof. Dr. Martin Selchert, HLG Ludwigshafen, sales of the future, b2b
Sales of the Future: Prof. Dr. Martin Selchert about Digitalization in B2B Sales

We spoke with Prof. Dr. Martin Selchert about success strategies for digitalization in B2B sales and what companies can do now.

Image of Urs Haeusler, Managing Director at valantic Customer Experience & Commerce Switzerland, e-Commerce
B2B commerce: Here’s how to digitalize your B2B sales channels in the era of Covid-19

Currently, Covid-19 has a firm grip not just on our private lives, but also on the entire economy. In particular, B2B trade will feel the pandemic's consequences due to its strong orientation toward bricks-and-mortar sales and the cancellation of trade shows. Urs Haeusler, Managing Director of valantic CEC Schweiz, explains in this interview how you can reorient your sales strategy in B2B commerce for the long term and what other tips you should pay attention to right now.

Image of Fabian Littau, Project Manager at valantic Customer Experience & Commerce in Mannheim
From industry to consulting: Scenes from the everyday life of a project manager

In January 2020, Fabian Littau made the jump from an internal role in classic industry to consulting and he can now grow with us, and especially with our customers. For it’s precisely in times like the current Covid19 crisis that digitalization projects are becoming ever more important.

Image of Joachim Hackmann, Principal Consultant at teknowlogy|PAC, digital innovations, a data center in the background
Digital business innovation: IT is the motor, but people are in control

Technologies for digital business innovation such as artificial intelligence and data analyses are enjoying a lot of attention lately. However, it takes talented people to drive the innovations forward and employees who use and exploit the digital innovations.

Picture of two women in front of a whiteboard, next to it a picture of a robot and behind it a picture of a laptop and a picture of a building, Data Science Procedure Model valantic and Nordakademie
valantic and the Nordakademie Develop Procedural Model for Data Science Projects

The Data Science Process Model of valantic and Nordakademie describes the procedure in a data science project.

Image of a tablet, the valantic company logo, the netz98 company logo and Tim Hahn, Managing Director of netz98 - a valantic company
5 questions for… Tim Hahn, Managing Director of netz98

netz98 has been part of valantic since the beginning of December 2019. We spoke to Managing Director Tim Hahn about what the merger means for netz98 and valantic from his point of view and to what ambitions this E-commerce specialist from Mainz will devote himself in the future.

Picture of several people on a stage, next to it a picture with the inscription "visionsdays" and behind it a picture of an applauding audience and a picture with a city view of Hamburg, valantic visiondays 2020 Hamburg
From the Digitalization of Soccer to the Intelligent Enterprise: these are the visiondays 2020!

It's time once again on March 25 and 26, 2020! That's when valantic invites you to the 30th edition of its annual digital congress, visiondays 2020.

Logo of Siemens AG, next to it a picture of two men at an event and behind it pictures of a train and a station, valantic Siemens digital marketplace
New digital Marketplace at SIEMENS

With the Easy Spares Marketplace™, SIEMENS is taking another step toward digitalization.

Image of Dr. Holger von Daniels, CEO & partner at valantic
Interview valantic: “Digitalization is hands-on work” (German)

Interview with Holger von Daniels from valantic in online magazine NORD/LB Norddeutsche Landesbank: about the digital transformation in companies and why digitalization is no hocus-pocus, but hands-on work.

Picture of several people on a stage, next to it a picture with the inscription "visionsdays" and behind it a picture of an applauding audience and a picture with a city view of Hamburg, valantic visiondays 2020 Hamburg
visiondays2018: valantic invites you to the congress for digital transformation

valantic organizes the visiondays 2018: A congress with practical Lectures, Workshops and Hands-On Sessions.

Picture of Christian Heim, valantic GmbH, presenting Digitalization in Companies, valantic B2B Next Generation
Impressions of valantic «B2B Next Generation»

More than 30 decision-makers and influencers from a wide variety of industries met in Zurich in order to learn more about digitalization in B2B sector and exchange ideas with one another.