Professional Start in IT – My Training as a Qualified Information Specialist for System Integration at valantic

Bild von Falk Wünsch, Auszubildender Fachinformatiker Systemintegration bei valantic, ein aufgeklappter Laptop mit Codes, Post-Its, sowie eine Gebäudefassade im Hintergrund

Falk Wünsch, 22, tells us what a qualified IT specialist trainee who focuses on system integration does and why he likes working at valantic.

How was your start at valantic as a Qualified Information Specialist for System Integration?

In school, I had the opportunity to take a vocational orientation test. In the process, I found out that training as a qualified IT specialist in system integration might be a good fit for me. Furthermore, I decided to move to a big city not too far away from my home in the Thuringian forest after finishing school. That’s how I decided to move to Leipzig. Then I found a valantic job advertisement on the Internet. After applying, I was invited to the Leipzig office for a personal interview and a short while later, I was offered a traineeship.

I started my training at valantic in August 2017 and will complete it in June 2020.

I am the first trainee in the Leipzig office, where I am part of the team of IT administrators. In short: my start was really good! My colleagues were always friendly and ready to help, and I can approach them with questions at any time.

At valantic, I work as part of a four-person team, a team on which each person has a different focal point. The goal of my traineeship is that I get a good overview of the various topics with which administrators are confronted. Therefore, I have not just one mentor, but three. Each of my colleagues takes a lot of time for me, teaches me more about the various activities, important processes, and what lies behind them. This way, I can understand everything completely.

What I liked from the very start was that I can work flexibly. I work a 40-hour week, but I can be flexible with regard to how I divide up my hours.

An important component of my traineeship is communication and direct exchange with the team. Since we sit together, this is easy, and the relaxed atmosphere makes everything easier too.

What do you do in your training?

A large part of my training has been getting to know the Linux system and familiarizing myself with its peculiarities. Since Linux was completely new to me, I really had to start at square one.

In the meantime, I make sure that everything is running smoothly. I take care of updates, import new programs, and set up new systems. In addition, I handle first and second-level support for our customers. Customers contact us either by telephone or via our ticket system and I try to solve their problems as quickly as possible. If there’s something I can’t solve, I can always ask a more experienced colleague, who can help me.

After nearly three years of training, I’m very proud to be able to solve a lot of technical problems by myself.

What do you especially enjoy about your training?

I especially like that people placed their trust me from the very start and that my colleagues trust me even more now. They know what I can do and they rely on me.

I also really enjoy telephone conversations in English with customers abroad. I’m happy if everyone is satisfied with my work in the end: my customer, my boss, and my colleagues.

What would you like to do after your traineeship is over?

After my training, I will work at valantic and start a permanent position as an IT administrator in the Leipzig office. At the same time, I will receive some further training that will help me advance in my profession.

What do you especially like about valantic?

I feel very comfortable with my team and I get along well with my colleagues. I can always express my concerns, regardless of whether professionally, technically or privately, and thus far, we have always found a way to make things happen. We discuss things briefly and we always find a good solution. I really appreciate this flexibility and openness.

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