Business Analytics

Business analytics refers to capabilities, technologies, and practices for the continuous exploration and examination of past company performance in order to gain insights and advance business planning. Business analytics focuses on the development of new insights and the understanding of company performance based on data and statistical methods. Business analytics makes extensive use of analytical models and numeric analyses in order to advance decision-making and steer it along desired paths. The added value of business analytics is, in contrast to business intelligence, not just to answer past-related questions based on entrepreneurial data, but also to be able to predict and control future developments. We will be glad to advise you on how your company can look into the future with business analytics solutions from valantic.


Drei runde Abbildungen mit einer valantic Tasse, Foto von Axel Truedsson und dem Büro von valantic in der Schweiz | Karriere valantic
The way to success of our Planning & Analytics consultant Axel Truedsson

Our colleague Axel Truedsson talks about his decision to leave Sweden to pursue his career as a Planning & Analytics consultant in Switzerland.

Header | Blog post Digitization of the statutory health insurance funds
The Digitalization of the Statutory Health Insurance Companies

Has digitalization now also reached the statutory health insurance companies in Germany? Our expert for statutory health insurance, Lutz Schedlbauer, Managing Consultant at valantic, has experienced the development of digitalization at health insurance companies first-hand. Here, he gives us a look at what he does everyday.

Header des Blogbeitrages von Vinzenz Klaas. Abgebildet ist die Schweizer Berglandschaft, Vinzenz Klaas im Büro, eine Schweizer Flagg und das Schweizer Büro
The successful entry into the planning & analytics consulting world alongside your studies

Our colleague Vinzenz Klass from Zurich reports on his rapid professional development and how the valantic team supported and promoted him: "The young team in Zurich is just cool!"

Image of laughing people, next to them a smartphone with several infographics and diagrams; SAP Analytics
SAP BW/4HANA or SAP Data Warehouse Cloud?

SAP BW/4HANA or SAP Data Warehouse Cloud or even a combination of both solutions?

Daniel Völker, Lead Consultant Data Science & Conversational AI
What Does a Data Scientist Do?

Our colleague Daniel Völker from Berlin tells us something about his role as Lead Consultant Data Science & Conversational AI at valantic and how he wants to develop in this area.

Blogpost-picture of Stefanie Meyer inclueding 3 photos in the front. On the first you see a valantic cup, on the second you can see Stefanie Meyer (laughing) and on the third you see Zurich. In the Background you can see a picture of Switzerland´s mountains. rtisch steht, auf dem zweiten ist eine Luftaufnahme von Zürich und auf dem dritten ist Stefanie Meyer in einem Ruderboot zusehen.
Planning & Analytics Consultant: The Ideal Combination of IT, Financial Business, and Service

Our colleague Stefanie Meyer from Zurich reports on how it is possible to change to an IT career in the valantic family and how optimal training will quickly familiarize you with tools and processes.

You can see the featured image of IBM Cloud Pak for Data with three circles consisting of a laughing woman, a laptop and network cables.
IBM’s AI Business Analytics Platform

A Brief Portrait of IBM's AI Business Analytics Platform: This is what IBM Cloud Pak for Data can do, and companies can reap these benefits and added value quickly, relatively easily, and flexibly.

Picture of Svenja Carstensen and her daughter
It’s not possible to reconcile family & career in IT? Nonsense!

Our Sales & Marketing Operation Manager, Svenja Carstensen, explains how she has found a balance between family and career at valantic. Do you think that won’t work? Nonsense! How was your start at valantic and how did valantic 2.0 come about? My start at valantic in Zurich, let’s call it valantic 1.0, was unexpected, easy, […]

Bild eines Roboters, einer Gruppe von diskutierenden Menschen, ein Chatfenster eines Chatbots
A Chatbot on the Test Bench

In our blog contribution, Felix Kopf, Software Engineer and Consultant at valantic, demonstrates what kinds of questions accompany chatbot development and how varied these are.

Featured Image des Blogbeitrages "The Anaplan Way" mit einem Architektur-Hintergrundbild sowie drei Kreisen im Vordergrund. Im ersten Kreis ist ein Mann, der aus dem Fenster schaut, im zweiten ist ein Diagramm und im Dritten sind zwei Monitore zu sehen.
The Anaplan Way: Part 1

In this blog post, we will show you the project management standards to ensure the success of Anaplan projects.

Blogbeitrag Fabian Gersch, valantic Business Analytics Swiss
“Tsüri isch uh schööön!” (“Zurich is beautiful” in Swiss slang): From Hamburg Marketing to Swiss Consulting.

Find out in this short interview with Fabian Gersch, Consultant at valantic Business Analytics Swiss, why our employees remain loyal to valantic!

Dies ist das Headerbild des Blogbeitrages zu Rolling Forecast bestehend aus Analysen, einer lächelnden Frau und einem architektonischen Hintergrung
Rolling Forecasts – the Real-Time Enterprise is Becoming a Reality

Rolling forecasts give companies the agility and flexibility they need in volatile, rapidly changing markets. The real-time cloud-based planning tool Anaplan provides all the functionality companies need to compete more successfully. The Corona crisis continues to hold the business world in its grasp. While global supply chains broke down in the first phase of the […]

Titelbild des Blogbeitrages IBM Cognos Analytics 11.2 bestehend aus drei Bildern: Meetingsituation, Webseitenansicht IBM Cognos Analytics und ein Mann, der ein Formular unterschreibt.
At a Glance: The New Features of IBM Cognos Analytics 11.2

The first look at the new major release of the IBM BI Suite with many improved features, e.g. visualization, artificial intelligence and performance.

Bild einer Frau, die vor einem Laptop sitzt und Kaffee trinkt, einem Handy, Euro-Geldscheinen sowie die Skyline einer Stadt im Hintergrund, valantic, Robotic Process Automation (RPA)
Achieve efficient liquidity management in four steps

In the current crisis, the concern is to secure liquidity quickly and effectively and to reduce ongoing costs. Our technical article shows how this works in four steps with the SAP Analytics Cloud.

Picture of two women in front of a whiteboard, next to it a picture of a robot and behind it a picture of a laptop and a picture of a building, Data Science Procedure Model valantic and Nordakademie
valantic and the Nordakademie Develop Procedural Model for Data Science Projects

The Data Science Process Model of valantic and Nordakademie describes the procedure in a data science project.