Payments Automation

Simple transaction and workflow automation with X-Gen

We enable the financial industry to automate processes and workflows to leverage the power of data, increase compliance and reduce cost.

X-Gen stands out


High throughput with millions of transactions daily at tier one financial institutions


Every settled security in Germany runs through X-Gen


Proven Swift technology since 1999


Open, modular system to develop own enterprise scale solutions and apps


Mission critical real-time payments engine developed on X-Gen without coding


ROI reached within one year from implementation or less

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The no-code transaction automation platform

With X-Gen you can automate business processes across multiple core and third-party systems, channels and data types via a simple to use no-code platform.

Automation solutions for:

  • Payment processing and services
  • Capital markets trade processing
  • Fund processes
  • Enterprise data, process, and workflow automation

Factsheet: X-Gen

With X-Gen, financial institutions no longer need to contemplate end-to-end system reengineering and all the associated time and capital commitments. Banks, funds, and asset managers alike can future-proof their enterprise architecture cost-effectively and push for…

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Transaction and workflow automation

Our no-code platform X-Gen is open to develop your enterprise grade solutions and apps for your own use cases. Many applications and modules are ready to help you to automate your business:

  • Settlement automation with CSDR support
  • Payment processing with ISO 20022 and SWIFT workflows
  • FIX and FDC3 implementation
  • Reconciliation for payments and trade settlements
  • Real-time payments engine
  • Financial case management & workflow automation
  • Exception handling and automation
  • Audit and reporting workflows
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Orchestrate your data and business processes

With our data centric, holistic approach the X-Gen no-code platform supports generic business process automation:

  • Connectivity, integrations and APIs
  • Data validation, enrichment and transformation
  • Document digitalization
  • Transaction repair station
  • Data and process workflow automation
  • Allocation and confirmation processing
  • Exception and case management
  • Clearing and settlement
  • Claims and charges
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Powerful applications for payments and banking

Based on our high-throughput no-code platform X-Gen we have ready built solutions to increase your Transaction Automation:

  • RTPE – Real-time payment engine
  • FinCase investigations for case and exception management
  • FinCase B2B for bank-to-bank commissions

Factsheet: Payments Suite

Payments Suite is a full-service payment capability that integrates seamlessly with existing enterprise architecture. It connects client interfaces to core accounting platforms and a multitude of payment clearing gateways.

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Factsheet: FinCase for investigations

FinCase is an ‘expert’ application that has been designed to process queries and investigations with dedicated focus on financial transactions and market schemes. FinCase is multi-channel, multi-tenant and easily extensible to support other payment schemes.

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At valantic FSA, we are passionate about technology and unlocking the business potential within our clients using our holistic data approach.


The path to digitalization is easier than you think

valantic FSA erases technical debt with flexible technology and automated transaction workflows.

Continuously adapt to a changing world.

Unlock ROI and reduce cost every step of the way.

Drive better client outcomes.

Empower better decision making.

Monetize data more easily.

On Premise, SaaS or Hybrid.

Powerful Swift compliance with X-Gen: Full suite of messaging functions

Swift compliant

We deliver robust enterprise grade technology for high data throughput – our proven financial messaging and workflow platform X-Gen is Swift compliant since 1999 and also supports FIX and FDC3 standards.

Full set of Swift messaging functions

X-Gen provides a full set of Swift messaging functions. It is able to send and receive Swift FIN and ISO 20022 messages and carries a complete predefined and ready-to-use Swift message library.

Let’s automate your business processes and workflow.

We invite you to speak to our experts to identify your potential.