Anaplan is an exchange-noted company headquartered in San Francisco with another 20 branch offices in 13 countries. More than 850 customers around the world (as of 2020) work with Anaplan solutions. Big and quickly growing companies use Anaplan’s cloud platform in all of their businesses. This cloud provider is setting new standards with regard connected planning. With Anaplan solutions, companies create well-grounded plans, make better decisions, and enable more effective and faster planning processes. As an Anaplan partner in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland, valantic advises companies on the use of this US company’s planning solutions.
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Drei runde Abbildungen mit einer valantic Tasse, Foto von Axel Truedsson und dem Büro von valantic in der Schweiz | Karriere valantic
The way to success of our Planning & Analytics consultant Axel Truedsson

Our colleague Axel Truedsson talks about his decision to leave Sweden to pursue his career as a Planning & Analytics consultant in Switzerland.

Header des Blogbeitrages von Vinzenz Klaas. Abgebildet ist die Schweizer Berglandschaft, Vinzenz Klaas im Büro, eine Schweizer Flagg und das Schweizer Büro
The successful entry into the planning & analytics consulting world alongside your studies

Our colleague Vinzenz Klass from Zurich reports on his rapid professional development and how the valantic team supported and promoted him: "The young team in Zurich is just cool!"

Featured Image des Blogbeitrages "The Anaplan Way" mit einem Architektur-Hintergrundbild sowie drei Kreisen im Vordergrund. Im ersten Kreis ist ein Mann, der aus dem Fenster schaut, im zweiten ist ein Diagramm und im Dritten sind zwei Monitore zu sehen.
The Anaplan Way: Part 1

In this blog post, we will show you the project management standards to ensure the success of Anaplan projects.

Dies ist das Headerbild des Blogbeitrages zu Rolling Forecast bestehend aus Analysen, einer lächelnden Frau und einem architektonischen Hintergrung
Rolling Forecasts – the Real-Time Enterprise is Becoming a Reality

Rolling forecasts give companies the agility and flexibility they need in volatile, rapidly changing markets. The real-time cloud-based planning tool Anaplan provides all the functionality companies need to compete more successfully. The Corona crisis continues to hold the business world in its grasp. While global supply chains broke down in the first phase of the […]