My Journey from Working Student to Integrated Business Planning Analyst

Bild von Katharina Mossbauer, Analystin Integrated Business Planning bei valantic Supply Chain Excellence und dahinter die Büroräumlichkeiten des Münchener valantic Büros sowie die Stadtansicht von München

Katharina Moosbauer, Integrated Business Planning Analyst, tells us about her student job at valantic Supply Chain Excellence and why she wanted to continue her journey at valantic after competing her studies.

How was your start at valantic?

What has stuck with me the most about my start at valantic is how quickly the application process proceeded. After sending off my documents, within a few days I was invited for a telephone interview, and within a week, I had a date for a personal interview. With a telephone interview and then a short case study and presentation in the personal interview, the process is relatively time-consuming for a student job, but it gives you a good taste of the work and subsequent expectations. Especially the pleasant atmosphere in both discussions and the young, friendly colleagues in the office left me with a very good impression of valantic. That’s why I was very pleased to receive a job offer the next day. On my first day, there was a detailed onboarding, in which all of my questions were answered. Similarly, I received an e-mail about my first tasks for a project at an automobile supplier right away.

What do you especially like about valantic?

I especially appreciate two things about valantic: on the one hand, the great working atmosphere thanks to the good mood on the team and the open exchange of knowledge. On the other hand, I like the flat hierarchies and the development opportunities, precisely in my student job. You are treated as a full, important member of the team; you can prove yourself; if you perform well, you can assume responsibility on the project and work on topics independently. In the process, colleagues have always taken the time to explain new topics to me and to assist me when needed, so that I have learned a lot while I was always challenged and have been able to develop my skills further.

What have you done at valantic thus far?

In the beginning, I created a lot of presentations as preparation and follow-up for workshops and quotations. This was a little monotonous, but in retrospect it was the best training thanks to intensive feedback, which taught me how to structure and depict complex topics and about project methods and procedures. Thanks to participation in workshops on customer premises, I also learned what consultants do all day. In the course of time, I was able to prove my own presentation capabilities in the course of a process recording and optimization. Later on, I also had the opportunity to shift my focus from process advising to SAP advising, so I handled a combination of technical and procedural questions. My tasks ranged from documentation to project management to presentation of some content in workshops and handling of some sub-packages on various projects.

What will you do next?

At valantic, I discovered my passion for the combination of procedural requirements and their mapping in the appropriate software. This professional orientation, the development opportunities, the team, and the great atmosphere at valantic are unique. That’s why I have decided to become a permanent part of the valantic team after I’ve completed my studies.

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