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Peter Holmgren
September 23, 2021
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Electronic Trading, Fixed Income

Seize the day!

Following on to my previous post, “Solutions to Our Problems are Rooted in Our Past”, where I drilled down into a specific business case on how Server-interop solutions provide an opportunity to solve the fundamental underlying issue of the traditional siloed technology.

The number of systems running in silos is multiple, but to name a few:

– Different asset classes implemented in different systems or single dealer UI’s;
– Same asset class in multiple systems (new and legacy or via mergers);
– Risk, sales, CRM, trading, analytics in different systems;
– Multiple instances of vendor systems;
– etc…

Sales Traders, in particular, are facing difficulty in dealing with these ageing technology stacks, spending too much time manually working across multiple disconnected systems. Aside from the impact on productivity, shuffling data between systems makes it really hard to do what’s actually important, i.e., give great client service, get the best value out of on-desk liquidity and manage risk.

Ongoing large multi-year tech investments happening across the industry will eventually resolve the issue. Still, the problem is the “multi-year”, and solutions are needed now, allowing institutions to innovate in an agile approach to the fast-evolving electronic trading demands.

Our goal at valantic is to address the problem to make the situation better today. By joining together any number of data sources and APIs and representing them in an actionable integrated trading desktop puts all the data you need, where you need it when you need it.