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Peter Holmgren
December 16, 2020
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Electronic Trading

Seeing data in new ways.

One of the big ideas that wouldn’t leave me alone over Xmas was how, as an industry, we could turn the ocean of data into something even more visual and interactive which genuinely engages the playful, creative sides of our brains?

We’ve already seen how technology helps in decision-making processes, but is there some magic in seeing how we can deploy mixed reality technology to transform how we engage with data? Is there a new way we can begin to mould and manipulate our way around data in ways which we have never experienced before?

Of course, all the fancy visualisation gizmos are only as good as the underlying data. Competing standards over static and dynamic data often spread across multiple 3rd party and in-house systems make this a real problem. Nevertheless, the benefits of “travelling” through the data could be the trigger our industry needs to solve one of its biggest problems.

Last time I had a virtual tour through the innovation labs at valantic HQ, I kept thinking about this. The team is relentless – Tomorrow’s technology was happening in front of my eyes.

Closer to home the work by Citi with an early version of the Microsoft technology and now what Philips is trying out with the latest versions of mixed reality is fascinating and shows that change is coming.