Consulting and development of digital platforms

We will transform your business models step by step into future-proof, custom business solutions that will inspire you at every touchpoint.

We create custom solutions for Sales, Service, and Marketing. In addition to consulting, our specialty is end-to-end development. This means that we design and develop online platforms – from the design to the front end to integration into state-of-the-art back-end systems. Our customers include Coop, stürmsfs, HGC and SFS.

We have been developing digital platforms and mobile applications with passion for more than 20 years. We don’t present anyone with a fait accompli: From consulting to after-sales support, we actively involve our customers in projects.

Our solutions in figures


CHF in sales
each year generate the platforms valantic has developed.


lines of code
is what we pogram each year in order to position our customers more clearly and effectively.


nominated 28x and presented 4x as category winner
with E-Business awards.

Our digital business projects

Logo Sonepar
Picture of the new Winterhalter Fenner website, valantic Case Study Winterhalter Fenner AG

Sonepar Suisse is one of the leading electric wholesalers in Switzerland. Its new digital business platform ensures a continuous customer journey.

The numerous ERP-like functions offer customers custom management possibilities and tools for self-management. As usual, the platform includes extensive services and was created with an eye to optimized user experience. This is how the new search function and clear navigation enable quick finding of the approximately 220,000 items. Success Story Sonepar Suisse

Coop Logo
Bild eines Smartphones mit einem Screenshot von Coop at Home-Website, valantic Case Study

With the digital business platforms coop@home, Import Parfumerie, Coop Bau+Hobby, Mondovino, Christ Uhren & Schmuck, Lumimart, and Livique, we are responsible for the lion’s share of the online presence of the largest Swiss retailers.

The coop@home platform is based on SAP Commerce, it is designed in modular fashion, and therefore it is scalable. This means that it can also be used for additional Coop shops. The product master data and catalog data can be maintained centrally – for all channels and all systems.

The mobile App for iOS and Android was developed from scratch and handles all functions of the Web version. And because the data comes from the Internet, it is always the same. The app is extremely stable, robust, and quick, and offers the entire coop@home product line. Success Story coop@home

Logo Thermoplan, valantic Kunde
Bild eines Tablets mit Screenshot der neuen E-Business Plattform von Thermoplan, valantic Case Study

With myThermoplan, this Starbucks supplier of coffee machines got a new portal for its service technicians. Thermoplan’s visually appealing service platform is based on the Spryker Commerce OS.

In the course of the project, 3500 documents were digitalized and are available to the service technicians online. They are an integral part of the process environment due to the incorporation of a coffee machine development system.

Thanks to the connection to the E-Learning Platform Moodle, users can now be trained and certified online. Success Story myThermoplan

Logo Stürmsfs, valantic Kunde
Bild eines Smartphones mit Screenshot der Stürm SFS Website, valantic Case Study

The Website and the B2B online shop of this steel and metal dealer have been merged. The digital platform was designed and developed component-based and it can therefore be expanded easily.

Decisive for stürmsfs’s mobile-first approach is a state-of-the-art, responsive design that allows device-independent display. The renovated shop also includes the “Track and trace” option. This way, customers can trace their orders from manufacturing to delivery. And the ability to create shopping lists and personal profiles ensures that things are even more customer-friendly. The platform therefore offers modern E-commerce functions and it is well-equipped for additional future services. Success Story stürmsfs

Logo SFS, valantic Case Study
Bild eines Smartphones mit Screenshot von SFS Website, valantic Case Study

SFS, the Swiss supplier of tools, screws, and hardware, is entering the next digital generation with its new online shop.

The efficient, visually appealing B2B online shop is now also accessible to private individuals, for with the relaunch, the market was opened up for B2C. Now it’s easy to pay for products for house and hobby even with a credit card.

The component-based, slim, finely structured development can be adapted flexibly to new circumstances. It is based on the SAP Commerce Cloud. Success Story SFS

Logo Hero, valantic Case Study
Bild eines Tablets mit Screenshot von Hero-Website, valantic Case Study

This Swiss corporate group active around the world uses a custom app for its sales advisors and thus ensures expert, effective presentation to customers.

The newly developed app places the focus on what’s most important: namely the product. Large, high-resolution, clear pictures show the user the item in question. The app’s easy and sophisticated operation makes paging on the touchscreen very comfortable for consultants and customers alike.

The application runs on the Spryker Commerce OS (Operating System). Accordingly, Spryker serves as a data hub for the app and as the order management software; it controls communication with the relevant basis systems (ERP, CRM, etc.). Success Story Hero

Customer Experience

A customer journey is not a linear process; instead, it’s the sun total of the customer’s experience with a company.

We examine the customer circuit — wanting, buying, having — over and over again. The focus is on considerations such as these: How do customers inform themselves and how do they find the product or service they’re looking for quickly? How can offerings, services, and processes be improved so that a positive customer experience is the result?

Truly persuasive answers to these questions require more than just beautiful design or a shop solution – namely the interplay of development, design, and usability – and we’re prepared for this. We bundle our capabilities and knowledge in these areas and develop custom-tailored platforms and applications. This is how future-oriented solutions arise, ones that fit your company and customers’ needs in equal measure. Learn more about our services in the customer experience sector.

photo of David von Ow, Managing Director at Winterhaller Fenner AG, valantic Case Study

David von Ow
Managing Director, Winterhalter + Fenner AG

”Thanks to the successful cooperation, our first-class platform was refreshed. By focusing on optimal user guidance, the usual outstanding functional scope was made even more efficient and offers our customers individual management possibilities and tools for self-management. With the deployment of future-oriented technologies, we have established the basis for a long-term, progressive solution and we can adapt it to the needs of our customers at any time.“

Bild von Michael Thüler, CEO von stürmSFS, valantic Case Study stürmSFS

Michael Thüler
CEO stürmsfs

”A focal topic of our E-business strategy was the merger of Website and online shop. The cooperative, professional full-service expertise of valantic CEC Schweiz AG was a crucial factor for the successful implementation of this project.“

Bild von Philipp Achermann, Chief Digital Officer bei Thermoplan, valantic Case Study Thermoplan

Philipp Achermann
Chief Digital Officer, Thermoplan

”Thanks to a common, integrated project view and valantic’s methodology, we were able to complete the project on time. The team was completely dedicated and passionate about our business. All of this, in addition to the various functionalities, won me over, especially the design of the platform.“


Our services for your digital business

With a comprehensive approach, you influence your business for the long term.
An overview of our services:

Your added value

Inspiring customers with our passion and the right methodology and increasing sales.

Our deep experience in digital business has shown us what really counts in a digital business project:

Influencing business for the long term

Individual measures that boost sales in the short-term do not truly move you forward. With us, you can develop your business for the long term and integrate digital channels as a fixed component of corporate strategy.

Front-end to back-end approach

A successful digital sales channel requires much more than just a pretty design and a practical shop solution: It requires all layers from back end to front end and a sensible integration into existing systems.

B2B expertise

In projects in different industries, such as services, medical technology, and automotive, we have learned how business models work in the B2B area. We work in customer and user-oriented fashion and advocate for high standards.

Our methodology

Our 4-phase model describes the methodical approach for customer-specific digital business projects and serves as a structuring element in the cooperation with you, our customer. It can be run through multiple times during the project and enhancement phases and is therefore an instrument for the continuous enhancement of your digital business.


Record the status quo and develop dedicated strategy.
Assessment / Vision / Strategy / Project organization / Budget

and PoC

Specify user requirements and check technical feasibility.
IA / Prototype / Design moods / User stories (functions) / IT architecture

Development &
Production (local)

Develop MVP (minimal viable product) for the local test market/country.
MVP/test results/concept for the global roll-out


Global roll-out of E-commerce platform.
Enhancement/release management Roll-out concept

Inherent in the 4-phase model are the concepts of agile project management and agile software development. This model is deployed as a framework that includes different methods, tools, and approaches. These can be selected, deployed, and where necessary, adjusted to customer requirements depending on the context and customer.

The 4-phase model allows us to advise you as a digital business customer and to assist you in the development and implementation of digital business solutions.

Furthermore, you will profit from

one interdisciplinary expert team

that handles the entire design and development process from front-end design to the development of E-business-relevant solution modules, all from a single source.

one sustainable back-end architecture

and stable business process integration with a simultaneous focus on a high-quality, flexible, designable front end.

one contact person

for all areas involved in the project (from IT to Marketing). This results in less project agreement and coordination effort and helps maintain the balance between the customer, business, and IT points of view when it comes to important decisions.

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