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SAP Marketing Cloud

From mass marketing to individual customer experience


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Added value of the Marketing Cloud for companies

Dynamic customer profiles and a uniform view

A comprehensive picture of customers emerges through consolidation of the information from all sources at the company. This is how anonymous visitors become loyal customers.

Data-driven insights

The effect of each individual channel can be measured. Integrated tools for evaluating and visualizing data in the Marketing Cloud enable quick, intelligent analysis.

Increase transparency

The transparency of marketing plans, processes, and instruments increases and marketers can make data-driven decisions about budgets, expenditures, and product availability based on real-time insights.

Comprehensive marketing effect

The Marketing Cloud helps understand marketing ROI via multi-touch attribution and central performance management. With closed-loop measurement, digital and offline marketing activities are analyzed in a comprehensive view. This way, you can see quickly what works and what doesn’t.

Campaign planning and automation

The Marketing Cloud makes planning complex, multi-layered campaigns easy and clear. Campaigns can be triggered automatically by time or particular criteria.

Added value of the Marketing Cloud for customers

Personalized experiences

Marketing Cloud includes functions for predictive analyses and machine learning. Algorithms define precisely delimited target groups and determine the appropriate products, offers, and campaigns for the customers with the greatest earnings potential.

Seamless purchasing processes

Excellent, uniform customer experiences across all communication channels are ensured – from initial contact to long-term customer relationships.

Relevant content

Customers are only approached with content that is relevant for them and personalized in real time. This way, the likelihood for a conversion from lead to customers increases.

Did you know...?

Marketing automation supplies customers and potential customers individually with the relevant information and enables an automated 1:1 relationship, which creates trust. It also helps with automatic lead scoring for qualification of potential customers. This makes the development of leads measurable. Potential customers’ actions are weighted and stored with values. This is how visitors become leads that are already pre-qualified for sales (“sales qualified leads”). These can be transferred seamlessly from marketing to sales. With standard integration of the SAP Marketing Cloud into the SAP Sales Cloud, for example, the transfer of leads can be easier than ever before and this ensures perfect cooperation of marketing and sales.

Learn more about the Marketing Cloud

The SAP Marketing Cloud is part of the SAP Customer Experience Solutions (formerly SAP C/4HANA Suite) and fulfills all requirements for state-of-the-art marketing. Thanks to the uniform customer view, omni-channel experiences are created, ones that customers remember.

Other SAP Customer Experience solutions

In addition to the SAP Marketing Cloud, solutions for sales, commerce, and service are part of the SAP Customer Experience portfolio.

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