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User Experience (UX)

User Experience (UX) refers to the user’s experience and describes all aspects of interaction between the user and the product or a service. The user experience reflects a person’s experiences and feelings during the use of a product or the claiming of a service. The term user experience is generally used in connection with the design of websites or apps; however, it includes any type of product interaction, so also non-digital, physical use. valantic offers solutions for optimizing the user experience.


Bild von Elena Gocheva, Director of UX Strategy bei valantic, daneben eine Person, die auf ein Laptop tippt, eine Person, die etwas zeichnet | User Testing: Besser vor Ort oder remote?
User testing – on-site or remote: What’s better?

User tests offer the advantage of testing the functionality of a system while directly including users in the testing process. The tests can be performed either on site or remotely. Our valantic expert Elena Gocheva will tell you which option is right for you.

Image of Alexander Fetzer, Client Value & Innovation Manager at valantic, and Patrick Ganzmann, Managing Director valantic CEC Deutschland, Trends in the CX environment in 2021
“Only the customer is king. That’s why the perfect customer experience is so important today”

Interview with Alexander Fetzer, Client Value & Innovation Manager at valantic and Patrick Ganzmann, partner at valantic, about trends in customer experience.

Picture of a woman shopping online with her smartphone, next to it a picture of a sign saying "Open" and behind it a picture of a smartphone and clothes, valantic mobile commerce
5 Tips for How You Can Close the Experience Gap

How good is your customer experience management? If your assessment doesn’t match the customer's experience, you’ve got an experience gap. We’ll give you some helpful tips for how you can close this gap.

Image of a laptop, hands drawing a sketch and Artur Richter, Design Director at valantic Customer Experience & Commerce
5 questions for… Artur Richter, Design Director at valantic CEC Deutschland and responsible for the User Experience area

Artur Richter, Design Director at valantic CEC, in an interview about happy customers, user experience design, and the customer life cycle.

Image of a laptop showing the SFS-website, valantic Case Study SFS
The new SFS online Shop

Everything for the customer's benefit: The new B2B platform is designed according to the behavior and needs of SFS customers – from the shopping cart to delivery or pick-up.