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Customer Experience Management

Customer experience management is a comprehensive management approach, the goal of which is to optimize the customer journey and perfect the customer experience. To achieve this, customers become the focus of all of a company’s activities and actions and their needs and desires are regarded as the standard for strategic decisions. At each contact point (touchpoint) with the company, customers should receive desired information and offerings. Here, the point is to engage in continuous dialogue, to invite customers to give feedback and share their opinions and experiences, and to derive relevant action recommendations from the insights gained. valantic helps companies perfect their customers’ experience with customer experience management.


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Trade Promotion Management Made Easy: Creation of multiple orders in SAP Sales Cloud

In the “Tips & tricks for customer experience with SAP” section, we present helpful tips from practice. This second part is about “Trade Promotion Management made easy”. In concrete terms, it is about simple implementation in the SAP Sales Cloud - a means often used in retail to increase customer loyalty, but also to increase market share.

Bild einer Frau vor einem Laptop, daneben Post-its, 5 Gründe für Customer Experience Management
5 reasons why companies are more successful with customer experience management

Learn here why an investment in customer experience management is worthwhile and what concrete successes can be achieved with experience management.

Image of Alexander Fetzer, Client Value & Innovation Manager at valantic, and Patrick Ganzmann, Managing Director valantic CEC Deutschland, Trends in the CX environment in 2021
“Only the customer is king. That’s why the perfect customer experience is so important today”

Interview with Alexander Fetzer, Client Value & Innovation Manager at valantic and Patrick Ganzmann, partner at valantic, about trends in customer experience.

Here you can see the cover of our blog post "Be Emotional". Celebrating people, empty stands and clapping hands.
Be emotional! Why emotions are so important in customer experience management

The secret of successful customer loyalty is to win the hearts of customers. How can emotions affect the measurable success of the company?

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Catalysts for a successful company

Companies want to update their individual SAP strategy, automate business processes, implement new digital business models, and make their IT flexible and more agile. The valantic Customer Focus Day SAP showed them how they can do these things successfully and what the catalysts are.

Bild von Thomas Wieberneit, Managing Consultant bei valantic Customer Engagement & Commerce
“Systems will adjust to people, not the other way around”

Thomas Wieberneit is a CRM practitioner of many years. At valantic he is responsible for the topics sales, marketing, service, collaboration, customer loyalty and customer experience. In an interview, he reveals how he sees the future of digital customer experience and which trends companies should prepare for.

Bild von Christoph Resch, Geschäftsführer bei valantic CEC Deutschland, daneben das Bild einer Frau am Laptop und einigen Notizzetteln
Customer experience comes first at the intelligent enterprise

The future belongs to the customers. After all, they are the ones who pay in the end and increase the turnover of a company. In order for this to happen, the buyer or prospective buyer must feel absolutely comfortable with the service and product in each of his buying cycles. How does a company manage to provide its customers with a perfect buying and repurchasing experience?

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On-site search as a central element of the customer experience

Even if e-commerce takes place online, it pays to look beyond the end of one's own nose. There are various concepts, behaviors, and simple experiences from everyday life from which you can learn in e-commerce. These include, for example, why the search in your own shop is such a central element of the customer experience.

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Agility in customer experience management – 6 tips for how you can confront the next crisis better with your customers

Companies are confronted with the challenge that customers are “locked out” due to corona crisis. Here are 6 tips that will help you on being successful nevertheless.