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A chatbot (also chatterbot or bot) is a text-based dialog system that permits chatting with a technical system. It has one area for text input and output, which can be used to communicate with the system in natural (human) language. Chatbots can – but do not have to be – used in combination with an avatar. With increasing computing power, chatbot systems can access more extensive data stocks faster and faster and therefore offer intelligent dialogs for users. valantic develops chatbots that serve as an interface for automated processes.


ChatCPT mit valantic NLyou
Generative AI (GenAI): The evolution of creativity through technology

In the world of artificial intelligence, a revolution is in progress that goes far beyond simple algorithms: It goes by the name of GenAI.

Bild eines Roboters, einer Gruppe von diskutierenden Menschen, ein Chatfenster eines Chatbots
A Chatbot on the Test Bench

In our blog contribution, Felix Kopf, Software Engineer and Consultant at valantic, demonstrates what kinds of questions accompany chatbot development and how varied these are.

Image of toy cars at valantic Drift Showcase
valantic DR!FT showcase

With our showcase, valantic connects processes along the value chain, using chatbots and IoT – with ease and at high speed.