Electronic Trading

Electronic trading refers to a method for trading securities, financial derivatives, and foreign currencies Both buyers and sellers use the Internet to connect to a trading platform such as an exchange-based system or an electronic communications network. Via an electronic platform, the orders are transferred to physical people. Due to its ability to process transactions quickly and effectively, electronic trading has become a preferred method. valantic assists a multitude of financial institutions and brokers with the digital implementation of electronic trading.


Bild von Mathias Schmidt, Produktmanager bei valantic, im Hintergrund Computerbildschirme
A glance at electronic trading of tomorrow

Every trade is unique – but all trades still have a common ground. What can be drawn from negotiation data and used as insight for the future?

Logo of SIBOS, next to it a picture of applauding people and behind it city views of London, valantic at SIBOS in London
Future in Real Time: valantic at SIBOS in London

Since 1978, the finance industry meets once a year at the SIBOS (SWIFT International Banking Operations Seminar). This year, the experts from valantic Financial Services Automation also attended the event in the British capital.

Picture of a man in front of some screens, next to it a picture of a tablet with an open graphic and behind it pictures of stock prices and of buildings, valantic Financial Service Automation and Digitalisation in the Finance Industry in Manhattan
Well-established cooperation valantic is the official system partner of Börse Stuttgart

The IT service provider valantic Trading Solutions AG is expanding its long-standing close cooperation with Börse Stuttgart.