Well-established cooperation valantic is the official system partner of Börse Stuttgart

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Well-established close cooperation

Magdeburg, 06.03.2017

The IT service provider valantic Trading Solutions AG develops specialised standard software for pricing, quoting and trading of financial products on electronic markets and offers product-related installation and maintenance services. The long-standing close cooperation with Börse Stuttgart will be expanded in the future with valantic Trading Solutions AG as their official system partner. This enables valantic to provide a technical connection to Börse Stuttgart’s new and innovative interface for the provision of liquidity in the bond market.

  • Expansion of the system partnership
  • Gateways based on FIX 5.0
  • Electronic quoting and communication connection

Both companies value the active and open communication as well as the helpful transfer of know-how. After all, valantics core competency in the development of technical connections is what makes the communication and quoting with the Quality Liquidity Provider (QLP) in Börse Stuttgart’s hybrid market model possible.

Realisation of the technical connection to the exchange

In the continuation of the cooperation, valantic Trading Solutions AG’s high product quality and software solution reliability played a prominent role once again. Dietmar Jakal, valantic Trading Solutions AG Chairman of the Board noted, “The cooperation with Börse Stuttgart is characterised by a mutual trust that has continued to grow over the years. The timely integration of innovative and immediately functioning software solutions has made a big contribution to this trust.” With the new communication gateway, market participants will be able to actively communicate using Börse Stuttgart’s new FIX 5.0 interface and upon request from the Quality Liquidity Provider, place orders in the electronic trading system according to set rules.

Experienced partner for the banking and investment industry

valantic Trading Solutions AG, founded in 1999, is a specialist for software solutions for electronic trading used by leading firms in the banking and investment industry. The applications are created under consideration of current market developments to match client requirements exactly and satisfy the highest quality and reliability standards. This is especially important for Börse Stuttgart, who understands the daily challenges all too well. “This cooperation significantly reduces the integration effort on the market-maker side”, explains Michael Görgens, Managing Director of ETF and Bond Trading at Börse Stuttgart. “valantic provided a solution which supports our innovative hybrid market model.”

The cooperation with Börse Stuttgart confirms the long-term experience and capabilities of the Magdeburg company with its 150 employees, which in addition to pure software development is also a reliable partner for specialised topics including managed service and business and IT consulting. Dietmar Jakal, Chairman of the Board for valantic Trading Solutions AG, highlighted the expanded cooperation with Börse Stuttgart as a further milestone for the company which represents a confirmation of the good and reliable work done over the past years.

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