Outlook Planner - no longer part oft the software portfolio

We are removing valantic Outlook Planner from our software portfolio at the end of 2023. This is due to the new implementation of Outlook on a new technological basis by Microsoft®. This will lead to incompatibility with the valantic Outlook Planner add-in and prevent its future use.

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Resource scheduling with the Outlook Planner

The planning board for schedule coordination of employees, projects, and tasks

The Outlook Planner is the ideal instrument for electronic resource allocation at small and medium-sized companies. Use it as an expansion of Microsoft Outlook® in connection with Microsoft Exchange®.

Resource scheduling is done in a clear view. Regardless of whether the planning is for personnel, projects or assignments, the Outlook Planner can be configured for your company individually and without programming.
Deployments, dates, and assignments are coordinated easily via drag-and-drop or copy/cut and paste on the electronic board. Several users can access it simultaneously and make entries. The status updates itself in real time. Several dates per day can be entered. In addition, the set-up of control columns is possible; these can visualize freely-definable activities.
Due to the direct data storage in the Exchange® server, the planning is displayed automatically for employees on their Outlook® calendar and on all synchronized mobile devices (iOS, Android, Windows Phone).

Your benefits for the processes

  • Optimal multi-week overview of the calendar of employees and resources
  • Direct, easy maintenance of all calendars in the same overview
  • Optimized workflows for personnel and resource utilization with automatic synchronization with mobile devices
  • Easy installation as Outlook add-in
Computer with a screenshot from Outlook Planner, valantic Outlook Planner

Big survey

Planning board for a department across a period of three weeks with green control column. Absences are displayed on this screen as purple bars. The cell color is determined by the category assigned to it.

Computer with a screenshot from Outlook Planner, valantic Outlook Planner

Integration in Microsoft Outlook ®

Outlook calendar of an employee, who plans and is planned with the Outlook Planner. The use of the add-in is started with the three additional buttons on the menu bar. With entries on the planning board, dates – even across days – are automatically generated on the employee’s Outlook calendar.

Computer with a screenshot from Outlook Planner, valantic Outlook Planner

Planning with several appointments per day

If necessary, the number of lines can be increased with the menu bar, so that several dates per day can be entered. If there are more dates than lines, a notice appears. Absences are displayed on this screen as purple bars. Category colors are displayed as small indicator on the right side.

Functional properties and technical flow

  • Overview of the calendar of employees/resources across several weeks
  • Multi-window display of several planning board for different planning groups
  • Automatic information of employees via e-mail about each entry/change
  • Employee-spanning search in the planning board
  • Several simultaneous planning activities without mutual lock and with change control
  • Automatic synchronization of tasks on each employee’s calendar and on all mobile devices
  • Dynamically-switchable planning lines per day for detailed planning (for example, shift or installer planning)
  • Visual planning using category colors and date summaries

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