Modern storefront with efficient back-end integration

Scalable SAP online retail platform for growth in e-commerce

With our scalable SAP online retail platform valantic cs4Commerce, companies can benefit from the growth driver e-commerce.

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E-commerce is a key driver of growth. Anyone who wants to benefit from this trend and be successful in online retail must offer their customers persuasive shopping experiences. This requires fully integrated end-to-end processes that efficiently and smoothly map both storefront requirements and back-end integration. Our scalable SAP online retail template valantic cs4Commerce helps companies with this. As a pre-configured platform based on SAP Commerce and SAP Spartacus, it enables successful online and omnichannel business.

valantic cs4Commerce

The highlights at a glance

Modern storefront

State-of-the-art based on SAP Spartacus

Individually extensible

End-to-end processes: Pre-configured and individually extensible end-to-end processes

Easy integration

Easy integration into system environments using Representational State Transfer Application Programming Interfaces (REST APIs)

Independent of system landscape

Use with SAP and non-SAP back-end systems

Comfortable administration

Manage multiple shops in parallel

Integrated services

A wide range of integrated services, including easy availability check and shopping cart item reservation

Easy maintenance

Convenient catalog management and article maintenance via the back office

Manageable costs

Low-maintenance architecture and template processes

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Unique shopping experiences

Shop around the clock and always have access to all the high-quality information you need: The storefront of our e-commerce platform valantic cs4Commerce leaves nothing to be desired. It provides retail companies with everything they need to ensure that their customers will have unique shopping experiences. Customers will not only benefit from optimized user experience, but also from numerous integrated services, ranging from simple availability checks to on-shelf availability, current prices and promotions, to the temporary reservation of items from the shopping cart. This strengthens customers’ trust and loyalty.

valantic cs4Commerce contains pre-configured end-to-end commerce processes that serve as templates and can be extended individually. These are:

  • Click & collect: Order online, pick up at a brick-and-mortar store
  • Click & replenish for automatic reorders
  • Omnichannel promotion pricing for consistent campaigns across channels
  • Omnichannel article availability provides an overview of item availability across all channels
  • Temporary reservation of the shopping cart
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Easy integration into all system environments

Our e-commerce platform is integrated into the system environment with REST APIs. The standard API connection is provided with an SAP S/4HANA ERP system and an SAP Customer Activity Repository (SAP CAR) as a back end. Integration into non-SAP environments is just as easy to implement.

In addition to the goods management processes and order processing, specialized providers can also be connected via REST APIs, for example for address checking and payment processing. For example, valantic cs4Commerce supports payment via PayPal via a pre-configured template process.

Just like the ERP processes, the technical template processes can also be easily adapted to company-specific requirements. For this purpose, valantic cs4Commerce supports the agile collaboration of software development and IT operations via DevOps by using the Java Spring Framework programming framework and the GitLab platform. This allows the DevOps methods for development automation Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery and Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) to be mapped from the outset.

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Easy administration

With valantic cs4Commerce, companies can control multiple online shops in parallel. It’s easy to manage them in the back office. Catalogs can be managed here and articles enriched with metadata, detailed descriptions, and images via product content management. Via the content management website, it’s easy to revise and maintain the storefront.

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Low total costs

valantic cs4Commerce already considers business aspects in its architecture and in template processes. In particular, seamless integration minimizes the total cost of ownership right from the start, as it significantly reduces maintenance and operation costs. Investment protection and future security are also always guaranteed. Since both SAP and non-SAP systems can be used in the back end, the solution is completely independent of the existing system environment.

Omnichannel Scenario: Order Online & Return to Shop

Omnichannel scenario: Order Online & Return to Shop | valantic cs4Fashion & cs4Commerce

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