Uli Müller

Managing Director

valantic ERP Consulting

Making performance measurable

Well-founded decisions can only be made based on transparent, goal-oriented, high-quality KPIs and data. With his extensive corporate management controlling experience, Uli Müller ensures that processes and system serve the goal of overall corporate performance. This includes the optimization of existing SAP systems for controlling and analytics, as well as the identification of automation potential as part of a digitalization strategy. In customer projects, Uli Müller frequently serves as a “translator” of control models into IT structures and systems.

Uli Müller studied Industrial Engineering at the University of Kaiserslautern. After holding two positions at medium-sized consulting companies, he decided early on that he wanted to work for himself. In 2008, he founded LINKIT Consulting GmbH (now valantic ERP Consulting) with Rüdiger Hoffmann and Guido Czampiel. In addition to his role as Managing Director, Mr. Müller serves as a valued advisor to our customers for all aspects relating to controlling and analytics.