Roland Dessovic


Managing Director New Media Solutions GmbH – a valantic company

“Development and change can only happen if we are prepared to change.”

Roland Dessovic is a champion when it comes to demonstrating his talent for operational management in everyday professional life. After completing his studies in Communication Sciences, he didn’t wait long before applying his skills. As the person responsible for the core business of his digital agency elements, which was founded in 2002 and is headquartered in Salzburg, he complements the CEO team – of Patrick Edelmayr and Dietmar Rietsch – exceptionally well. In addition, he performs essential functions as Managing Director of Pimcore GmbH and Partner of valantic GmbH.

Thanks to his outstanding management skills, early on he demonstrated an affinity for entrepreneurial disciplines such as strategic planning and orientation, process optimization, flow and system decisions, and co-working spaces. For him, it’s easy to let strategy and implementation flow into one another and to utilize his skills without losing sight of his employees’ needs. Thanks to his ability to let all visible and invisible “threads” run together, today elements has made itself a name as one of the leading digital agencies in German-speaking Europe. More than 110 digital transformation specialists inspire customers in 24 countries.

According to Roland Dessovic, in the era of digitalization more is required than just big challenges to be solved by specialized experts with specific expertise. What’s required is a successful symbiosis of values, growth, and will: values that are familiar and authentic; growth that inspires; and the strong will to confront a challenging future on a level playing field.