Dr. Toralf Berger

Managing Director

valantic Financial Services Automation

Customers are the nub of our daily activities

“I define my task as accompanying our customers reliably on the continual path of change and supporting them in using our solutions to overcome their challenges.”

Dr. Toralf Berger looks back on a thirty-year career in and for the financial industry. As in the past, the main focus of his work remains the capital market sector in conjunction with the associated supervisory law. His current customer activities center on further developing electronic securities trading capabilities by enhancing the use of algorithmic functions in valantic Financial Services Automation’s software solutions, as well as the technical implementation of the regulatory requirements relevant for these types of trading transactions.

Following a classical banking apprenticeship, Toralf studied at the “Hochschule für Bankwirtschaft” in Frankfurt/Main. He completed his doctorate, which focused on matters of commercial law, at the University of Erfurt.