Integrated warehouse and material flow planning with MAGELLAN

Planning and simulation of warehousing and picking system

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Picture of two screens with screenshots from the program Magellan, valantic warehouse and material flow planning with Magellan

Warehouse and material planning with MAGELLAN

MAGELLAN is a suite for the planning and simulation of warehousing and picking systems. Because effective planning is only possible with an all-encompassing approach, MAGELLAN combines inventory planning, warehouse and rack design, and the integration of routing and picking strategies, and ensures that articles are stored in the right place in the warehouse by means of shopping cart analysis and destination storage bin assignment.

The Rack Designer and the integrated resource management can be used to evaluate and compare simulation scenarios based on actual stacker crane and industrial truck characteristics.

Your benefit for warehouse planning

Easy to use

Regardless of whether a greenfield or brownfield structure is being considered, the Layout Designer can be used to quickly and efficiently represent existing warehouse structures or to generate minimal-cost warehouse structures.

Easy modeling

Layouts, rack and resource specifications are created once and can then be used for a wide variety of simulations.

High flexibility

Through the intelligent object structure, simulation scenarios can be generated at will from resources, racks, layouts and operating strategies.

Extensive statistics functions

A variety of options exist for the analysis and interpretation of input data and planning and simulation results.

High degree of integration

Accurate simulation and planning results can only be achieved if all relevant influencing factors are taken into account.

Planning certainty

Only the use of accurate rack dimensions and industrial truck characteristics ensures optimal planning results that can be implemented in reality.

Warehouse structures

MAGELLAN supports the modeling of complex warehouse and material flow structures

Picture of a screen with a screenshot from the program Magellan, valantic warehouse and material flow planning with Magellan

The object structure, which is based on SAP EWM and features storage types, storage areas, activity areas, transfer zones, etc., can be used to describe and logically subdivide warehousing and picking systems.

In combination with the resource management contained in MAGELLAN and the possibility of modeling any operating strategies, almost all real-life scenarios can be developed quickly and precisely.

In addition, the formation and release of picking tours can be influenced by the integrated management of picking waves, order batching and stock determination. This integrative planning approach by MAGELLAN enables warehouse or picking areas to be described and effectively simulated and examined as all-encompassing systems.

Modelling and visualization of warehouse and rack layouts

MAGELLAN.Rack Designer is used to create minimal-cost warehouse and rack layouts

Picture of a screen with a screenshot from the program Magellan, valantic warehouse and material flow planning with Magellan

In addition to pallet and cantilever storage racks, MAGELLAN can also be used to plan and optimize block storage and shelving installations. MAGELLAN supports the update and use of actual rack specifications. Especially when planning a new shelving installation, the hole and agraffe spacing of a shelving system is decisive for its suitability for the planned warehoused goods. When modernizing warehouses, knowledge relating to the degrees of freedom is essential to effective modification planning. The data required for common storage systems (e.g. Bito, Dexion, Jungheinrich) are contained in MAGELLAN and are being expanded continuously.

Flexible, long-term, widely applicable – and easy and quick to operate

MAGELLAN supports planners and warehouse operators in greenfield and brownfield projects in the intralogistics sector.

Picture of two screens with screenshots from the program Magellan, valantic warehouse and material flow planning with Magellan

Due to the integrated planning approach, the efficiencies of different combinations of layout and picking strategies can be compared for new warehouse planning and for existing warehouses. The storage facilities of different manufacturers (e.g. shelving installations) can be simulated, analyzed and compared in terms of their suitability for the warehoused goods or for various warehouse strategies (ABC, COI, stock affinity), operating strategies (multi-order picking, single-order picking) and routing strategies (S-shape strategy, largest gap strategies, shortest distance, etc.).

Due to the close alignment with SAP EWM, customization adjustments and the interaction between the layout, actual movement data (e.g. delivery slip data) and operating strategies can be evaluated quickly and reliably in advance without risk.

MAGELLAN is designed for the needs and requirements of the following areas

Spare parts & After-sales

Automotive & Supplier

Food & Beverage

Shipping & Logistics services


Mail order & Retail

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