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Solutions for Fraud Detection & Fraud Management in Telecom Industry

c.-Fraud Suite

Fighting fraud is crucial for every landline and mobile phone provider. Experience shows that sooner or later, insufficient detection results in significant damage. With increasing numbers of customers, differentiated sales channels, new offerings, and more complex rate models, the risks are increasing exponentially.

If a bug or misuse is detected, seamless preservation of evidence is required. On this basis, immediate measures can be taken and legal tracing initiated.

We develop efficient and secure solutions for fraud detection, which provide continuous monitoring of the traffic data. The workflow-based handling of small and large fraud cases and the initiation of legal steps is supported here.

We believe that our job is to integrate our anti-fraud software solutions as seamlessly as possible so that you can protect yourself against fraud easily, intuitively, and effectively.


We offer 25 years’ expertise in the telecommunications industry.

Industry Knowledge

We have broad knowledge of the processes and structures of telecommunications companies.

Specialist Knowledge

We have focused for years on the topics of fraud analysis and‑ handling.

Fraud Management at E-Plus: systematic and partly automated

Case Study E-Plus

Using c.-FCM for E-Plus drastically reduces the effort required for handling fraud and suspicious cases. Different input channels for messages (e-mail and fax) are channeled in a database. The determination of customer, contract, commission, and invoice data runs completely automatically. For quicker access to original contracts and customer correspondence, they are copied from the DMS system into the database. Thanks to the integration of Microsoft OFfice, the system assista users in creating outgoing correspondence and Excel lists.

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