The development of a digital future topic at valantic

Sarah Pfeil

September 8, 2022

Portrait of Timo Rüb, Vice President at valantic, with a valantic mug and a tablet showing the home page of the valantic website, with the Frankfurt skyline in the background; The development of a digital future topic at valantic

With a spirit of enterprise and humanity

Timo Rüb joined valantic in May 2022 and tells us about his “high-speed” onboarding in his new role as Vice President, in which he enthusiastically builds and expands the future-oriented SAP Business Technology Platform at valantic.

Hey Timo, how was your start at valantic?

My start was great! Right from the beginning, I had a lot of conversations with the SAP Services management regarding my role, my person, and potential collaboration opportunities. My equipment was available on the first day and I was able to get started right away. It was absolutely professional and fun. In retrospect, I like to call this “high-speed” onboarding.

I also have a special memory of the vSAP All-Hands Meeting, which took place in Frankfurt at the end of my third week of work. During the event I was able to network extremely well, since almost all colleagues in my area were on-site. I couldn’t have wished for a better timing for my start.

What do you especially like about valantic?

The very professional environment, which gives me the opportunity to contribute as much as I can and incorporate my topics. I like working with colleagues not only on a professional level, but also on a human level. Work occupies a significant part of our lives, which is why it is important to take pleasure in it. And besides the professional topics for which you’re responsible, it is the people who make a decisive contribution to this joy. That’s just right at valantic. Even during the recruiting process, you can see that a great deal of value is attached to ensuring that the new colleagues are incorporated well into the team.

What are the challenges of your job as Vice President?

I came to valantic to bundle and expand all topics relating to the important future topic of the SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP). This is a very broad field and therefore a very challenging but also fulfilling task. I keep an eye on the entire range of services, from sales to customer support within the framework of AMS (Application Management Services). Here, my entrepreneurial spirit and ability to work independently serve me especially well.

Why is the topic of SAP BTP so important to our customers?

The number of systems a company uses is increasing, and IT system environments are becoming more and more complex. With SAP BTP, you can connect the various systems to the S/4HANA core system via a single integration platform. This allows customers to monitor all processes in one place and thus exploit a lot of potentials. In addition, the BTP will be used to expand existing systems and incorporate innovations such as machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) into the processes.

A system environment for our customers, who are strongly SAP-oriented, is no longer conceivable without this platform. If you implement S/4HANA, you should also automatically implement the BTP. Accordingly, this is very important for valantic. We need to develop further expertise in this area, since the integration and expansion platform will be an integral part of any future project. So if you want to join my team, please contact me.

Thank you very much for the exciting insights, Timo!

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