Transaction Management

Transaction management refers to the planning, organization, and execution of transactions. A financial transaction is any action that causes a money transaction or another shift of assets. The amount of the asset remains unchanged, only its structure changes. Examples of financial transactions: Securities purchase for cash, the taking or making of a loan, payment of an invoice, and cancellation of debts. Assets and liabilities change in the same amount and thus the financial asset remains unchanged. valantic helps companies optimize transaction management.

Logo of SIBOS, next to it a picture of applauding people and behind it city views of London, valantic at SIBOS in London

Financial Services Automation October 24, 2019

Future in Real Time: valantic at SIBOS in London

Since 1978, the finance industry meets once a year at the SIBOS (SWIFT International Banking Operations Seminar). This year, the experts from valantic Financial Services Automation also attended the event in the British capital.

Future in Real Time: valantic at SIBOS in London